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What are the common balcony furniture

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

  The balcony is a more important existence in our home. When we are decorating, we all want to decorate the balcony. If the balcony is well decorated, we need to put some balcony furniture. There are many balcony furniture on the market, so in general, the common balcony What kind of furniture do you have? Which brands of balcony furniture are better? What should we pay attention to when buying balcony furniture? Let's take a look below.

  What are the common balcony furniture?

  Alloy balcony furniture:

   People who like metal materials should use aluminum or steel Balcony furniture made of alloy material with baking varnish and waterproof treatment, this material can best withstand outdoor wind and rain.

  Wooden balcony furniture:

   Generally speaking, wooden balcony furniture is people’s first choice, but wood with higher oil content, such as teak, should be used. Such wood can prevent the most The wood is brittle due to swelling or looseness.

  Bamboo and rattan furniture:

  It is easy and poetic, but pay attention to its maintenance, and wipe it up in time after raining.

  Common balcony furniture brand recommendation

  Haomeis outdoor furniture

  Ningbo Haomeis outdoor furniture is also famous outdoor One of the furniture brands, the design of Haomeis outdoor furniture carries the history of the evolution of the western lifestyle in the United States. It inherits the essence of the long-standing culture of European countries in the late Renaissance. It has a strong sense of history and culture. Friends who prefer European culture Consider outdoor furniture of this brand.

   Hualun Digao

   Hua Lundigao is actually just an outdoor furniture brand under Dongguan Baoyuan Furniture Co., Ltd., and it is also one of the most popular outdoor furniture brands, distributed throughout the country Major provinces and cities. Most of the outdoor furniture is made of precious materials, and the outdoor furniture made by natural beauty is also quite exquisite.

  金凯莎 Outdoor Furniture

  An outdoor furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, Guangdong, a famous outdoor furniture brand. The outdoor furniture of Kinkasa is mainly divided into gilt family European palace series and Oscar French classical series. The design of its outdoor furniture is very western and atmospheric, with its own characteristics, if you prefer this type of outdoor furniture. Jin Kaisha is a very good choice.

  How to choose common balcony furniture

  The material should be strong and durable

  Balcony furniture is different from indoor furniture, and it is more vulnerable to wind , Sun, rain, so in the choice of material, we should choose wood with a higher oil content, such as teak, which can prevent the wood from being brittle due to swelling or looseness to the greatest extent.

   In addition, people who like metal materials can use aluminum or lacquered and water-repellent alloy materials for balcony furniture, which can withstand outdoor wind and rain. Bamboo and rattan furniture is easy to feel freely, but you must pay attention to its maintenance, and wipe it up in time after raining.

   furniture should be small

   balcony furniture should be small and exquisite, the folding furniture is the best, it is more flexible to use, and avoid the balcony from appearing crowded, such as placing small tables and chairs on the balcony Use as a tea table or small dining table. Rattan or plastic balcony tables and chairs with parasols are suitable for roof gardens or large gardens. Iron tables and chairs full of European style are the first choice for European-style villas.

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