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What are the different sizes of billiard cases

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

There are dozens of ways to play    billiards, with different names. According to these names, billiard tables are divided into snooker tables, fancy nine-ball pool tables, American snooker tables, open ball pool tables, etc. Wait, these different billiard tables have different standards, so the size of the billiard table is naturally different. Let me tell you what are the different sizes of billiard cases?

Detailed explanation of standard size of billiard table

The size of billiard table is divided into outer diameter and inner diameter. The outer diameter refers to the length, width, and height of the outermost edge of the entire table, and the inner diameter refers to the size, length, and width of the area where the ball rolls within the bank.

  British nine-ball table JS-J09

  Billiard table size inner diameter: 2540*127 (mm)

   billiard table size outer diameter: 2900*1630*820 (Mm)

   British Srock JS-S8

   Pool table size inner diameter: 3560*1780 (mm)

   pool table size outer diameter: 3850* 2060*850 (mm)

  American table JS-M9

  Billiard table size inner diameter: 2930*1430 (mm)

   pool table size outer diameter: 3200 *1700*840 (mm)

What is the standard size of a billiard table

   King British style

  The standard size of billiard table: 386×206×86cm,

  The table configuration: imported Casla wood, northern plastic edge, stone slab 4.5cm, Riley style copper corner, molded leather Bag mouth. 1 piece of Y-li table, 1 box of gold medal crystal ball, 4 LP rods, 1 long hitting rod, 1 long fork stand, 3 pairs of copper hooks, 1 wooden scoreboard, 1 high, middle and low forks, extended road 1 set of rails, 1 ball tray, 1 table sweeper, 2 cross copper forks, 3 short rack rods.

   Junjue Nine-foot Elite

  The standard size of the billiard table: 283cm×155cm×86cm

  This table configuration: 1 piece of Spanish tablecloth, northern glue Edge, steel plate 8mm, 4.5cm slate, 1 box of green and beautiful crystal ball, 4 cue sticks, 1 pair of copper hooks, 1 set of rails, 1 set of cross copper fork, 1 ball tray, 1 American tripod .

   Monarch Nine Ball Queen (sixth generation)

  The standard size of the billiard table: 293×163cm

  This table configuration: 1 Taiwan YTT tablecloth , Taiwan U Lin plastic edge, blue and big beauty crystal ball 1 in, 4 imported Philips nine clubs, 1 set of high, middle and low forks, 1 tripod of nine balls, 1 tripod of American style, 1 set of rails, One ball tray.

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