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What are the hazards of artificial marble, is there radiation?

by:KingKonree     2020-04-19

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Have you ever encountered such a situation, when you have purchased an artificial marble as a cabinet or a wine cabinet waiting, with the passage of time, you find that you often have hair loss? Sometimes you will think this is work too Why are you tired? Today we will come together to expose the first evil that caused your hair to fall - inferior artificial marble. In addition to the high demand for the consolidation and environmental protection of the board, the marble furniture also has serious control over the radioactivity of the stone. For a long time, people mistakenly believe that marble furniture will have radiation, and it is inevitable that there will be some scruples when purchasing. In fact, the natural marble is very low in radioactivity and does not cause harm to the human body at all. The high level of radioactivity is artificial marble furniture. The difference between marble furniture and natural marble is natural marble. The pattern is natural, the hand feel is good after polishing, the hardness is strong, it is much wear-resistant compared with artificial, it is not afraid of coloring, there are pores, it will penetrate. Disadvantages: some have radiation, natural stone is brittle The flatness is like the fracture, the connection between the marble and the marble is very obvious, it can't be seamlessly spliced, it is easy to breed bacteria, the elasticity is insufficient, it is difficult to repair, and the temperature will change suddenly. Advantages of artificial marble: no radiation, a variety of colors, a certain degree of flexibility relative to nature, the connection between marble and marble is not obvious, the overall feeling is strong! Disadvantages: chemical synthetic substances are harmful to human body, hardness is small, afraid of drawing, I am afraid of hot, afraid of coloring. How to identify others to make marble and natural marble There is a simpler way to distinguish between artificial and natural marble: a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid are dripped, natural marble is violently foamed, and artificial marble is weak or even non-foaming. The harm of marble furniture inferior artificial marble is currently in the market. There are a number of local artificial stone slabs containing excessive amounts of harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, lead and organic acids. A common characteristic of such boards is the pungent chemical odor (especially In the process of processing, the odor is greater. The color is unnatural chemical color. The inferior artificial stone plate containing formaldehyde and benzene will give off a pungent odor when it is cut. After the plate is processed and processed, it will still remain super. Formaldehyde and benzene: Formaldehyde and benzene will be volatilized continuously for 3-5 years. The volatilization of benzene and formaldehyde and exposure to heavy metals will directly contaminate imported foods. This harmful substance is not only through the human respiratory system but also Direct access to the digestive system, the level and speed of poisoning is more significant. Therefore, it is especially important to choose artificial stone with excellent quality. In winter, especially in the north, the air is not fluent at home, and the indoor temperature is higher, which will accelerate the volatilization of such 'toxic board' benzene and formaldehyde, and damage the human body. More serious! Artificial marble furniture to identify inferior artificial marble, I hope to be useful to everyone, summarized as follows: A look: visual sample color is pure and not turbid, the appearance of no similar plastic plastic texture, no fine pores on the back of the plate. Second smell: the nose smells no pungent rhinoceros. Three touches: The hand touched the sample with a silky feel and no flaws, and there was no obvious unevenness. Four strokes: use the nails to draw the appearance of the board without obvious scratches. Five touches: The same two samples are knocked against each other and are not easily broken. Six checks: Check whether the product has ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, and has no quality warranty card and related anti-counterfeiting marks.

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