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What Are The Steps To Customize The Suitable Wash Basins?


Choose the wash basin to notice whether its size, shape and color match the overall design of the bathroom, but also take into account some of the family's living habits, as well as the number of times the wash basin is used in the morning and evening. As people's living standards improved, people live environmental requirements are also getting higher and higher. The wash basin, as an infrastructure for interior decoration, will appear in almost every home renovation plan. Nowadays, the wash basin has the effect of beautifying the indoor environment. The wash basin is so important, what is the standard for the wash basin and the method of picking the wash basin?


There are a few steps to customize the suitable wash basins.

1.Steps to pick wash basin.

2.Tips of picking wash basin.

3.Precautions for purchasing a wash basin.


1. Steps to pick wash basin.

First of all, if we want to buy a wash basin, we need to know that the wash basin is mainly divided into three types: the above counter basin, the under counter basin and the pedestal basin. We need to choose one of them according to our actual needs. This is the first priority.

Secondly, if we want to buy a wash basin, we need to confirm the size. The size of the wash basin is still very different. Generally, we need to see how big the size we need, and don’t choose the big one directly. So as not to be installed. After that, if we want to buy a wash basin, we need to consider the style. The style of the wash basin is still quite a lot. We choose a more popular style according to our personal preference. This is what we need to know. Then, if we want to buy a wash basin, we need to consider the depth of the wash basin. The depth of the wash basin is different. Some are deeper, some are lighter, and the shallower water is easy to splash. If we want to buy a wash basin, we still need to consider the material. In fact, the difference in the material itself is limited, mainly ceramic, but ceramics also have good and bad points. Generally, we choose moderate. That's it.


2. Tips of picking wash basin.

(1) Purchase through the national standard safety test, and have a quality assurance, reputation and excellence of the brand. Because these well-known brands produce ceramic wash basins, they will conduct extreme temperature difference, load bearing and anti-stress tests to avoid accidents.

(2) The newly purchased commercial housing, after the completion of the handover and installation, also must check the builders when assembling the washbasin, whether to tighten the screws too tight, resulting in cracks in the wash basin, please professional hydropower master to do, so as to avoid the cold water pipe has improper water pressure and bury the cause.

(3) Check regularly for serious cracks on the bottom of the wash basin. If this is the case, replace it immediately to avoid accidents.

(4)The pedestal basin is independent. There is a column matching the basin. The column does not bear the weight of the basin. It only acts to shield the sewer pipe and takes up more space. Therefore, the pedestal basin is generally only used for larger bathroom.

(5) half into the wall basin, this basin should be built a low wall during the decoration, the water pipe is wrapped into the wall, the application is very wide, regardless of the size of the bathroom, you can use this basin, but this basin to the water pipe and Th

(6) if we want to buy a wash basin, we also need to consider the price and quality. Don’t think that the price is high quality. It’s not true. Some people know the price because of the brand. We should choose Good quality, not the price is high.


3.Precautions for purchasing a wash basin.

(1) It should be noted that a certain distance should be reserved between the basin and the basin, otherwise it will affect the use between the two.

(2) Due to the complicated assembling and the process of disassembling for under-counter basin.If the length of the countertop is small, the installation quality cannot be guaranteed.

(3)After the under counter basin is installed, the overall appearance is relatively neat and easy to manage. However, it should be noted that it is easy to hide dirt between the basin and the countertop, so take anti-mildew measures.

(4) Generally speaking, the installation requirements of the under-basin are relatively high. The bracket must be customized according to the size of the under-basin, and then the under-basin is installed in the reserved position. After the bracket is fixed, the hole will be opened. The countertop is placed on the under-counter basin and fixed to the wall.


The above is an introduction to the installation of the wash basin. The use place of the wash basin is the restroom. It can be used not only as a daily wash, but also as a laundry. The material used for the wash basin is very diverse. The wash basins of different materials have different advantages. You should choose according to the actual needs.

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