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What brand of balcony clothes rail is better

by:KingKonree     2021-04-08

   drying racks are not decorative objects. Choosing a drying rack is nothing more than its practicality. The longer the service life, the more consumers will favor the drying rack. So what brand of balcony drying racks? Today we will talk about this issue.

  Top Ten Brands of Clothes Rack

  Good Wife

   Good Wife is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province , The iconic brand of China's drying rack industry, belongs to Guangdong Good Lady Technology Development Co., Ltd. Good Lady Company is a national high-tech enterprise with strong product research and development capabilities, high technology content, high product added value, and rapid enterprise development.


  Orlant is a private technology company. To progress, innovation is indispensable for enterprises, and advanced production equipment and technology must be constantly quoted and updated. Only strong innovation ability can guarantee the development of the enterprise and improve the market competitiveness of its products. Oulant has seen this clearly and has become an internationally famous brand.

  Handsoo Handsoo

   Zhengzhou Handshake Commodity Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-tech household goods company and a well-known household goods brand in China. As one of the top ten brands, Handshake is still in Occupies a large market share in the market, with strong market competitiveness, holding hands has already made a world.


  Lianyi is a brand of Guangzhou Lianyi Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and a famous brand in China. Lianyi has formed a complete set of product design, research and development. The process and production efficiency have been continuously improved, and the annual output has also been greatly improved.

  Meiling drying rack

  Meiling is one of the core enterprises of Meiling Group. The business of Meiling Group is very wide. In addition to owning In addition to the achievements in the drying rack industry, Meiling's electric hair dryers, electric irons, electric kettles and other small household appliances are very popular in the market. Meiling's products are fashionable, novel, cost-effective and practical.


  YinYin brand belongs to YiYin (Fujian) Household Products Co., Ltd. YiYin is a well-known brand in the industry and has a high reputation; it is professionally produced by YiYin Company All kinds of household goods have a wide range of business, large output and strong competitiveness.


  Lianqing was founded in 1983 and is a famous brand in China. Lianqing is the brand of Foshan Nanhai Haijin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. The company is recognized as Member companies of the China Federation of Industry and Commerce have an important position in the industry.


  Tulip is one of the most competitive brands in the industry, and it is also a large-scale manufacturing base for drying racks in China. Tulip products are very durable and the materials used are also carefully selected. Carefully selected, the practicability and durability of the product are very good.

   Drying Ba

   Drying Ba is a professional supplier in the drying rack industry in China. Only professional products have good quality. As a professional manufacturer, Qianba's products are trustworthy; and Qianba has now been recognized by the market and has a large market.

   Jinnuo. Cardi

   Jinnuo. Cardi is a large modern enterprise, not only has advanced production equipment, but also in production technology, Jinnuo. Cardi is also leading the industry, relying on high-efficiency production lines, Jinnuo. Cardi has greatly increased product output.

   The above are the top ten brands of balcony drying racks introduced to you on this website. Hope it helps in your life.

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