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what colors go with honey oak cabinets and light gray counters?

by:KingKonree     2020-04-01
Honey oak cabinets and light gray counters are common structures in kitchen and bathroom design.
The warm tones of honey oak and the cool modern tones of the light gray counter make their combination perfect for many decorative patterns.
Oak cabinets and gray counters come in several key colors.
If you would like to add a color to your honey oak and light gray kitchen or bathroom design, please select dark yellow-
Gold furniture.
The yellow color complements the golden background of honey oak and is in sharp contrast to the light gray countertop. Select yellow-
The design of the room includes gold hand towels, fruit baskets, carpets and sink accessories.
Metal Silver is the eye
In addition to the honey oak and light gray kitchen pattern, there are attractive places.
Buy brushed nickel knobs and handles for your cabinet and add stainless steel faucets to the room design.
Place a metal silver soap dispenser near the sink area.
Choose a brushed nickel light fixture or chandelier to add splendor to the kitchen or bathroom.
Deep red and light gray are two complementary colors that add a modern touch to the kitchen or bathroom theme.
Decorate your countertop with a crimson coffee pot, blender or toaster.
Put a dark red carpet in the center of the room and hang a big picture of red apples or red flowers on the accent wall.
If you have a dining area in your kitchen, put a large red bowl on the table as the center.
Blue-green blends perfectly with honey oak cabinets and light gray countertops. The blue-
The turquoise green tones add a cool, relaxing element to the overall appeal of the room.
Install turquoise tiles above the sink or stove to get a new tailgate design.
Hang pure turquoise curtains in the room and put a piece of turquoise art glass on an accent table.
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