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What countertop is good for the cabinet? The price of the cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

   Cabinet products are almost indispensable in modern kitchens. A better cabinet product is indispensable for good cabinet countertops. There are many cabinet countertops on the market. Which countertops are better? What is the price of cabinet countertops? What should you pay attention to when choosing cabinet countertops? Let's take a look at the relevant situation of cabinet countertops.

   what countertops are good for cabinets?

   what countertops for cabinets are good?

  One, natural marble

The advantages of natural marble for cabinet countertops are rich colors, beautiful appearance, soft texture, natural and beautiful texture, and easy to cut and shape. However, the disadvantage of natural marble for countertops is that due to its natural formation, the subtle parts are easily broken, and the porous material structure can also invade dirt and breed bacteria.

  Second, artificial stone

The advantage of    artificial stone is that it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-radiation. Now the technology is relatively advanced, the texture can also imitate natural stone, and it is easy to clean. However, due to the flood of inferior products in the market, low- and medium-grade artificial stones may also have problems such as fading, so it is not easy to buy good artificial stones.

  三、Fireproof board

  The advantage of fireproof board as countertop material is that it is made of density board, and the surface is veneered by fireproof board , Good impact and wear resistance. Disadvantages: Most of the domestic fire-proof board materials cannot be effectively guaranteed in terms of quality and environmental protection. In addition, the fire-proof board cannot be seamlessly spliced, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

  4. Stainless steel

  The advantages of stainless steel are its fashionable appearance, stylish appearance, and easy cleaning. However, if the cleaning method is improper, it is easy to cause unsightly scratches on the surface.

   cabinet countertop price

  resin version cabinet countertop

   resin version cabinet countertop has the characteristics of high quality and low price, but its pure color board It is easy to absorb water and change color. The dark color board becomes lighter or whitish after absorbing water, and the light color board forms a watermark after absorbing water. The price of resin version cabinet countertops is the cheapest among all materials.

  Pure acrylic board cabinet countertop

  Pure acrylic board cabinet countertop This product is colorful, internal and external quality consistency, environmental protection and the integrity of the finished product are integrated, and at the same time, it has It has the characteristics of high hardness, good strength, impermeable discoloration, not easy to crack, and stable color. The price is generally between 1500-3500.

  Artificial quartz stone cabinet countertop

  The surface of the artificial quartz stone cabinet countertop is hard and scratch resistant, without radiation. The disadvantage is that there are seams in the splicing, which requires professional cutting equipment and bonding equipment. The price of artificial quartz countertops is also between 1500-3500.

  How to choose cabinet countertops

  1, rental rooms and transition rooms use ordinary artificial quartz stone cabinet countertops;

  2 , For mid-range decoration, you can choose high-grade quartz stone countertops or marble cabinet countertops;

  3, for high-end decoration or high-end communities, you can choose composite acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops or stainless steel cabinet countertops;

  4. For villa or luxury house decoration, it is recommended to choose pure acrylic artificial stone cabinet countertops and high-grade quartz stone cabinet countertops.

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