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What does the post-80s need a bathroom look like?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-23

Post-80s are no longer young people, most of them are in their first years.

About them, or about us, there is such a set of keywords:

Struggle, be strong, chase dreams; heroic, fearless, life shining brightly; nostalgia, nostalgia, childlike innocence ; Publicity, maverick; child slave, early education, to give the baby the best; I am the master of my workplace.

These keywords all point to the same sentence: Post-80s are pursuing a better life. Of course, everyone has a set of bathroom they like in their lives.

**Recently, watching the second season of 'Dad is BackThe bathroom cabinets and vanity stations are so many people of the same age.

Actually, the bathroom of the national dad is not important, the one that belongs to him is real. Here comes the question, what do the post-80s want in the bathroom look like?

It is related to the decoration budget

Compared with the post-60s and 70s, the post-80s know better Enjoy, knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and more particular about life and bathroom, maybe a little worse than the post-90s.

One thing in common is that the post-80s friends will like the big bathroom, equipped with intelligent bathroom equipment, such as a full set of Langjing steam room, jacuzzi, and can help wipe butt. Smart toilet.

This is related to the amount of money and the budget of the decoration. After the 80s who have achieved fame, the bathroom will grow into white, rich, beautiful or handsome. The space is large, a bathroom can be worthy of other people's living room, and the bathroom is fully equipped, massage, steam, everything; the design will be very beautiful, the cost of asking the designer may catch up with someone's salary for a few months.

Middle-class post-80s, the room area is not that big. Bathrooms are mostly more than a dozen square meters, with basic things such as bathtubs, toilets, showers, basins, vanities, mirrors, and hardware pendants. It's still very complete. Quality and cost-effectiveness are enough.

The grade, quality, and beauty are all essential.

The post-80s generation has the rich second generation, the official second generation, and the new rich generation, such as the founder of the car home, Li Xiang, who has a net worth of several hundred million, and the owner of Jumei Youpin, Chen Ou, his net worth is several billion, of course, Jia Nailiang is a star worth tens of millions.

Don’t look at them as rich in wealth, but because there is no lack of knowledge in their heads, they are used to seeing the world. Even if it is a toilet, it will pay attention to its grade, quality, and good-looking appearance. Degree, one cannot be less. Less, they must vote with their feet. Therefore, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu chose the steam room of Langjing, their eyes are very poisonous!

Then, the post-80s who have entered the middle class, they again What is it? Although there is not much money in his hand, it is incomparable with his peers of the local tyrant level, but the requirements are not compromised at all, and the requirements for life have never been ambiguous.

Therefore, many brands, such as characters like Langjing, will make sanitary ware very durable, introducing big-name design, intelligence, and high-grade, just to satisfy these picky friends.

Appreciate the wonderful topic:

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