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What is an under-counter basin? Is the under-counter basin good?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-01

Although it is more difficult to install the under-counter basin, it saves space in the bathroom and the countertop compared to the above-counter basin. Let’s learn about it below.

The purchase of under-counter basins

1. The installation space must be greater than 70 cm.

When choosing a basin, first consider the space of the installation environment. When the installation space is less than 70 cm, it is recommended to choose a pedestal basin, and the space greater than 70 cm can be installed on the counter basin or the under counter basin. Because when it is less than 70 cm, there are fewer types of products to choose from, and it will appear depressed and cramped after installation.

2. Pay attention to matching, quality and installation techniques

Before purchasing, you should also consider the location of the water supply and drainage pipes at home, referring to the space environment around the water supply and drainage pipes. Matching basin. The installation of the under-counter basin is more difficult than that of the over-counter basin, and it is very close to the countertop. If the under-counter basin or countertop is broken, it should be replaced in general. Choose under-counter basins of well-known brands, the quality is guaranteed, and generally will not be broken under normal use. Finally, it is more important to choose a master with good craftsmanship.

Installation of the under-counter basin

1. Pay attention to the height: whether it is a free-standing or desktop washbasin, pool surface or The height of the table should be 8085 cm above the ground, because a too short pool will cause back pain.

2. Pay attention to the finish: the edge of the under-counter basin must be slightly higher than the countertop, but the place where it meets the countertop must be smooth. The purpose is to wipe the water splashed on the countertop back into the pool. Obstructed, while facilitating the cleaning of the countertop. The table itself must be made of materials with a smooth surface, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid bumps. The smoothness of the undercounter basin itself is also very important. The high smoothness of the pool surface makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of scrubbing.

3. Pay attention to space: The washbasin is roughly divided into two types: free-standing and desktop. The independent style is beautiful in appearance, small in footprint, and easy to maintain, suitable for bathrooms with little space. However, it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or a washstand in order to use the space above the pool to place some toiletries and cosmetics.

The difference between undercounter basin and above counter basin

The installation of above counter basin is relatively simple, some products only need You can assemble according to the drawing. For some, you only need to open the hole in the predetermined position of the table according to the installation drawing, place the basin in the hole, and fill the gap with glass glue. When using, the water on the table will not flow down the gap. Therefore, it is used more in the family. And because the above counter basin can make more changes in the shape, there is more room for the choice of style, and the decoration effect is ideal, and it is also more fashionable. It is just a little troublesome to do sanitation.

The installation of the under-counter basin is a bit more complicated, but the overall appearance after installation is relatively neat and easy to take care of, so it is used more in public places. But the joint between the basin and the countertop is easier to hide dirt. Moreover, the under-counter basin has higher requirements for the installation process: first, the under-counter basin mounting bracket needs to be customized according to the size of the under-counter basin, and then the under-counter basin is installed in a predetermined position, and the bracket is fixed, and then the table with the hole is installed. Cover the undercounter basin and fix it on the wall. Generally, an angle iron is used to support the countertop and then fix it with the wall; secondly, because the undercounter basins are staggered under the countertop brackets, the disassembly and assembly are complicated. To ensure the quality of installation, moreover, the style of the under-counter basin is relatively simple, the only thing that can be used is the color and shape of the countertop, and there is more room for choice.

In addition, as long as the width of the countertop is greater than 52 cm and the length is greater than 70 cm, the room for choosing an undercounter basin is very large, that is, if the length of the countertop is less than 70 Centimeter does not recommend that you choose a basin, but a pedestal basin.

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