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What is good for the cabinet counter

by:KingKonree     2021-04-14

The countertop of the cabinet is the place where it is most likely to come into contact with food, and it is also easy to be damaged, so choosing the right cabinet countertop is very important. Cabinet countertops are generally expensive, and in today's cabinet market, cabinet countertops have a wide variety of materials, with varying quality. Many materials contain moisture. Next, I will introduce what to use for cabinet countertops.

  Cabinet countertop types:

  1, natural marble cabinet countertops

   The beauty of natural marble cabinet countertops is nothing to say , Rich colors, natural stone texture, abstract paintings like splashing ink. The overall feeling is noble and atmospheric. However, marble is naturally formed and has a porous structure. If it penetrates into sewage, it is difficult to clean. Residues and stolen goods accumulate, making it difficult to clean them thoroughly and become a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, because there are more or less heavy metal substances in the stone, it has a certain degree of radiation, which may cause harm to human health.

  2, granite cabinet countertops

   granite has better anti-bacterial regeneration ability than marble, high density, high hardness, strong wear resistance and not easy to damage. But the disadvantage is that the length of granite is not enough, usually several pieces of granite are needed to splice, and the joints are easy to hide dirt. But if the splicing level is high, there is no need to worry about this problem.

  3. Stainless steel cabinet countertops

   Although the appearance of stainless steel cabinet countertops is not as good as granite and marble, the appearance is relatively low-key. However, the stainless steel material is very easy to take care of. Generally, it is very clean after wiping it with a rag. However, steel wire balls and sharp tools can easily add scars to the surface of stainless steel, so pay attention to maintenance.

  4. Artificial stone cabinet countertops

   is rich in color, non-cracking, seamless bonding, environmentally friendly, with a sense of stone material but no radiation. Artificial stone countertops can be seamlessly spliced, and there is no place for dirt and bacteria. It can be cut and heated to bend to shape a variety of different shapes, which further enhances the overall design aesthetic content and practical decoration of the cabinet. However, the artificial stone market is mixed, and the quality of the plate and the processing technology are uneven, and buyers need to carefully distinguish.

  5. Composite acrylic cabinet countertop

   Composite acrylic cabinet countertop combines the advantages of resin board and pure acrylic board. It has the elegance of natural marble, the hardness of granite, the luster of ceramics, and the delicate and warm feeling of wood. At the same time, it has various colors, no radioactivity, and is safe to use; the price of composite acrylic cabinet countertops is much lower than that of pure acrylic board, and of course it is better than resin version. A lot more expensive.

  6. Resin version of cabinet countertops

   Resin version of cabinet countertops has the characteristics of high quality and low price, but its solid color panels are easy to absorb water and change color. Dark panels become lighter or white after absorbing water. The light-colored board forms a watermark after absorbing water, so when choosing a suit, try to choose the intermediate color as the main color. The price of resin version cabinet countertops is the cheapest among all materials.

   I hope that through the introduction of the article, I hope to help the owners who are about to renovate, and make the decoration of the new home exquisite and warm. I wish everyone a happy life.

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