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What is the above counter basin

by:KingKonree     2021-04-26

  When we are decorating the bathroom, we always come across to choose a basin. Do you know how to choose an above counter basin? Today, let’s talk about what the above counter basin is?

   The basin protruding from the countertop is called the above counter basin. The installation of the counter basin is relatively simple. You only need to open a hole at the predetermined position on the countertop according to the installation drawing, and then place the basin in the hole, and use glass glue to seal the gap Just fill it up, and the water on the countertop will not flow down the gap when it is used, so it is used more in the home. And because the above counter basin can make more changes in the shape, there is more room for the choice of style, and the decoration effect is ideal.

  Knowledge of purchasing above counter basin

  1, first look at the size of the space when purchasing

When purchasing a basin, first consider the space of the installation environment. Generally, when installing in a space with a width less than 70 cm, it is not recommended to choose an above counter basin. Because the above counter basin wants to be installed within 70 cm, there are few types of products to choose from, and it will appear cramped after installation, and the visual effect is poor.

   In addition, before purchasing, you should also consider the location of the water supply and drainage pipes at home, refer to the space environment around the water supply and drainage pipes, and match the basin. If you do not consider the location of the water supply and drainage pipes in advance, you may find that there is no water supply and drainage equipment in the location you want to install after buying the basin. Then you need to weigh the replacement of the basin or the renovation of the water pipe, which will virtually increase your burden.

   If the above counter basin does not come with accessories such as a faucet, or you want to replace the faucet by yourself, you need to consider the practical functions of the faucet, such as whether to choose a faucet with retractable function or not. Especially when buying a free-standing above counter basin, the height of the faucet must also be considered to prevent the faucet from being too low to affect the use of the basin.

  2, choose ceramic basins with eyes and hands

   Since most of the ceramic basins sold in the market are ceramic basins, how to choose How about a good product? Experts remind that a good ceramic basin is determined by its manufacturing process, and the anti-fouling ability of ceramic basins fired at high temperatures is much better than those fired at low temperatures. In addition, the quality of the glaze of the ceramic basin is directly related to the future use effect. A well-glazed basin is not easy to stain, easy to clean, and is often used as new.

   The specific method of purchase is to observe whether the ceramic glaze is bright, smooth, bubble-free, pinhole-free, trachoma-free, stain-free, reflective, etc.; it can also be touched by hand, if The hand feels smooth and delicate, and the percussion sound is clear, indicating that it is a good ceramic basin.

  Cleaning of above counter basin

   Ceramic above counter basin: It is not easy to get dirty, just wipe it with clean water and a rag.

   Glass above counter basin: Generally, boiling water, scouring pads, steel brushes, strong alkaline detergents, hard sharp tools, stains, oil stains, etc. cannot be used to clean glass washbasins. It is recommended to use pure cotton rags, neutral detergent, glass cleaning water, etc. for cleaning, so as to maintain the lasting bright as new.

  Stainless steel above counter basin: The most prominent feature is that it is easy to clean, as long as it is rinsed with water, it will look fresh.

   Artificial stone above counter basin: Artificial stone is the same as ceramic, relatively resistant to dirt, just wipe it with clean water and a rag.

Maintenance of    above counter basin

   The above counter basin of ceramic, stainless steel and artificial stone is easy to maintain. As long as cleaning is done frequently, it is maintenance. The glass above counter basin is fragile and not resistant to high temperatures. The temperature resistance is generally at a relatively high temperature of 80°C. Be very careful when using it. Do not pour boiling water into it. Be careful not to scratch the surface with a sharp object. Hit with heavy objects.

  After reading the above article, I hope you have some understanding of the above counter basin.

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