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What Is The Best Kind Of Bathtub To Get?


People nowadays know how to enjoy life and put a spacious and comfortable bathtub in the bathroom.  In this way you can bathe in a warm water bath every day, which makes the fatigue suddenly disappearing. Today, as the pace of life is accelerating, the bathroom has become a place of relaxation and has become more and more leisure space for pleasure. The unique and bold design conveys a new sense of quality and cleans daily life. Innovation and environmental technology, high-tech production methods, enable designers to create new visual standards. With the avant-garde spirit and artistic sensibility, the ergonomic concept changes into a colorful design. Because only perfect detail can create great work. What are the materials of the bathtub? Modern bathtubs are mostly made of steel, cast iron, acrylic or fiberglass.


The article will analyze this problem for you from the following points.

1.Comparison of several common bathtub types on the market.

2. It is right to choose a bathtub that suits your needs.

3.Tips for measuring bathtub quality.


1.Comparison of several common bathtub types on the market.

The steel plate bathtub is formed by forming a steel plate with a certain thickness, and then enamel is plated on the surface, which is characterized by easy molding and low cost. Because the surface is enamel, it is not easy for the soil. So it`s can be easy cleaned and less prone to discoloration, and the gloss is lasting. The cast iron bathtub is a traditional bathtub material, similar to the steel bathtub, except that the base material used is cast iron. The most outstanding advantages are durability, high wear resistance, high acid, and alkali resistance. The disadvantage is that the weight is considerable, so it is difficult to handle and install, and the insulation performance is poor. Because of many factors, the cast iron bathtub price is much more expensive than steel bathtubs. Currently, only a few manufacturers produce. Acrylic bathtubs are more common, not easy to rust, easy to form; but because of the low hardness, the surface is prone to scratches. The bottom of the acrylic rubber bathtub is usually made of fiberglass to enhance the support of the bottom. It also has the advantage that the water temperature can be maintained for a long time, the heat preservation effect is good, and it is easy to scrub and clean. Based on the above characteristics, the acrylic bathtub is much cheaper to produce, Acrylic bathtubs are the most popular bathtub on the market.


2. It is right to choose a bathtub that suits your needs.

If the shower is a necessity in the home life, then the bathtub is the pursuit of personal quality of life. Many people want to place a bathtub in the bathroom, but the existence of the bathtub has a close relationship with the size of the bathroom and the budget for the decoration. Generally, when selecting a bathtub, many factors should be considered, such as practicality. But if you want to buy a bathtub, but many people don't know how to buy a bathtub, let's take a look at how to buy a bathtub! Although objectively speaking, the highest grade of cast iron material, acrylic, and steel. The most expensive might not be the best. For example,If your bathroom has a small space, then the square bathtub is not only practical but also makes the bathroom layout neat and tidy. What is more, If you are a slower paced person and prefer to relax in the bathtub for a while, the cast iron bathtub is not suitable because of its thermal insulation effect.


3.Tips for measuring bathtub quality.

(1) The quality and thickness of the bathtub material have a great relationship. It is related to the firmness of the bathtub. The thickness of the bathtub cannot be seen by visual inspection. It is necessary to press by hand and test with afoot. If there is a feeling of sag, it means that the hardness is not enough. Of course, it is best to get the consent of the merchant before stepping on.

(2)The quality of the bathtub material can also be seen from the surface work, Using your eyes to see if the surface of the ceramic bathtub is smooth, and using your hand to touch if it is smooth. Especially for some steel plates or cast iron bathtubs, if the enamel is not well plated, the surface is prone to fine ripples.

(3)In addition to the traditional bathtub, many consumers now choose a jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is divided into three types: vortex, bubble and vortex. When purchasing, you should know which way you need the jacuzzi.


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