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What Is The Best Material For A Bathtub?


Households use a shower head for the choice of bathing method. In my opinion, the main reason is twofold. On the one hand, showers can save time for people who are busy at work. On the other hand, the cost of the bathtub is higher than spray head.In fact, bathing in the bathtub has many benefits.After a day of intense work, the most wanted thing to do is to slip into the bathtub and take a comfortable hot bath, lying in the bubble reading, listening to music and even daze.Sunlight infiltrates and breezes, outdoor plants, skylight clouds or city scenery are introduced into the bathroom space, and the natural scenery comes with the four seasons. Bathing is no longer just a self-environment in a small bathroom space, but is combined with a bathtub to release and breathe together.Let's explore the mystery of the bathtub in the following article.


We will introduce the bathtub from the following points.

1. The best material for a bathtub.

2. Benefits of bathing.

3. Tips for maintaining bathtub.



1.The best material for a bathtub.

If you buy a bathtub, you don't know the bathtub purchase knowledge, which will cause some troubles for our later installation and life. So what kind of material is the bathtub? What are the skills to buy a bathtub?

(1) Ceramic bathtub

The ceramic bathtub is made of ceram, and the whole body is made of ceramic material, so the ceramic bathtub is cumbersome and fragile. During the transportation process, the ceramic bathtub will be easily damaged due to some collisions, and long-distance transportation is very inconvenient. Therefore, ceramic bathtubs are rarely seen in the market today, and the features of ceramics have gradually eliminated them. However, in terms of practicality, the ceramic bathtub is relatively wear-resistant and durable. If you want to buy such a bathtub, you can find some places to buy.

(2)Acrylic bathtub

The acrylic bathtub is a bathtub commonly used by modern people. The bathtub is made of organic materials. Acrylic bathtubs are versatile.It can meet the aesthetic requirements of people. At the same time, the price of the acrylic bathtub is relatively cheap, relatively light and smooth, and is very suitable for daily household use. Although the acrylic bathtub has many advantages, it also has some defects. Acrylic material is a man-made organic material, so its high temperature resistance and pressure resistance are poor, and it is easy to age due to its long use time.

(3) wooden bathtub

The wooden bathtub is a bathtub made of wood. The bathtubs are generally made of dense and hard wood. The wooden bathtub is a practical and beautiful bathtub, and the insulation is very good, which is very suitable for winter use. The price of the wooden bathtub is relatively high, and it takes a long time to use. It is prone to spoilage and water leakage, and the service life is relatively short.

(4)steel bathtub

The steel bathtub has excellent wear resistance and pressure resistance and is the most traditional bathtub. The steel bathtub is made of press-formed steel plate, and the surface is treated with enamel for multi-layer treatment, which looks very beautiful. Due to its wear resistance and pressure resistance, the steel bathtub is also a popular bathtub material. However, in terms of heat preservation effect, the heat insulation of the steel bathtub is not good, and the water injection noise is relatively large during use. In addition, the steel bathtub will be rusted for a long time.

(5)cast iron bathtub

The cast iron bathtub is similar to the steel bathtub, except that it is made of cast iron. The cast iron bathtub is the same as the steel bathtub, which is relatively wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, but the water injection noise of the cast iron bathtub is not large and will not have much influence. The bad thing about the cast iron bathtub is that it is heavy, and the cost is high, the shape is relatively simple, and the bathtub is not as beautiful as other materials.

2.Benefits of bathing.

Every time we will have a refreshing feeling after we bath. Bathing does have many benefits.

(1)Maintain cleanliness and avoid infection

    We all live in the world of countless microorganisms and bacteria. Many microorganisms and bacteria are harmful to the human body. Some even have no touch at all. They are directly attached to people. Some microorganisms and bacteria rely on human sweat. Oil, dander, etc., so the best way to maintain cleanliness and avoid infection is to bathe in addition to washing your hands. It is best to develop the habit of taking a bath every day. If the living space or work is particularly dirty, you must wash it a few more times.

(2) Promote blood circulation

Applying cleansing, flushing and water temperature during bathing in the bathtub will stimulate blood circulation and make your skin and body healthier.


When the overall cleaning is completed, it is like reborn, and because the blood runs better, it will make the spirit more vigorous. Therefore, many people who feel this kind of benefit will go to bed together, go out before the door, and bathe in the bathtub before the date, so that they can show more radiance and spirit, especially those who stay up all night, but also can rush to many sleepy worms because of this small movement.

(4)Reduce pressure

People who are often insomnia can use body wash in the bathtub to relieve stress. Especially when washing their hair, if they can have proper head massage at the same time, or even a full body massage, they will sleep better.


3.Tips for maintaining bathtub.

(1)The daily cleaning of the bathtub can be done with general liquid detergents and soft cloths, and not with detergents containing ketone or chlorine water. Disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited when disinfecting.

(2) If there are scratches or cigarette burns on the surface of the bathtub, just use 2000 grits sandpaper to grind, then apply toothpaste, and polish with a soft cloth to be as clean as new.

(3)The mark on the surface of the bathtub can be wiped with a soft towel dampened with a lightly acidic detergent such as lemon juice or vinegar.

  (4)Hydraulic friction device cleaning: fill the bathtub with 40 degrees Celsius hot water, add detergent to 2 grams per liter, start hydro massage for about 5 minutes, stop pump drainage, then fill with cold water, start hydro massage for about 3 minutes, stop pump drainage And clean the bathtub.

 (5) The surface of the cylinder is dirty, and it can be wiped with a wet towel and a neutral detergent. This process can be repeated three times, and it can be as clean as new.


Nowadays people's living standard have improved. However, most people are busy with work all day, ignoring the mood of life. We should dress up our homes with our hearts and enjoy relaxing moments at home after work. Moreover, it is pleasure to organize every detail in our rooms. Slow down and enjoy the moment of relaxation in the bathtub. What a wonderful thing it is.

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