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What is the best material for the kitchen countertop and what is the height of the kitchen countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-27

  The kitchen is a very frequently used place at home. Friends who like cooking cannot tolerate the kitchen decoration even more. The choice of decoration materials directly affects the decoration effect and future use experience. So, what material is good for the kitchen countertop? What is the height of the kitchen countertop, and how to choose the kitchen countertop, let's introduce it to you.

  What material is good for the kitchen countertop? What is the height of the kitchen countertop

  What material is good for the kitchen countertop


  Natural marble is better, granite is better, harder, wear-resistant, and not easy to weather. The radiation is ignored, and the radiation of mobile TV is greater, such as the imported Zhonghua Black Sands. Kitchen countertops made of marble do have good effects in terms of aesthetics, and they are very resistant to fire and stains. However, countertops made of natural marble have seams, which are easy to accumulate dirt and are durable. The performance is low, and more frequent sealing is required to prevent staining.

  Stainless steel

  The biggest advantage of stainless steel countertops is that they are easy to clean, which is very suitable for lazy people; but the disadvantage is that they cannot be used at the corners of the cabinet, and if you accidentally scratch the surface, It will be irreparable, which will keep the traces on the table and affect the appearance.


   uses explosion-proof glass as a countertop material, but the safety type is slightly worse than stone.

How much is the height of the kitchen countertop?

When designing the height of the cabinet, many factors must be taken into consideration. The height of the cabinet includes: the height of the cabinet worktable and the height of the cabinet wall. In the design of these two aspects, the height of the cook must be combined. When a person is standing, the finger can touch the bottom of the basin. If it is too high, it will make people feel tired, and if it is too low, it will cause back pain.

  The height of the cabinet wall cabinet is very important. Generally speaking, the height of the housewife is the main factor. Standing up with hands up can open the wall cabinet and get the items safely. At the same time, consider the style of the cabinet and the size of the kitchen space.

  The workbench is divided into high and low levels. The high size: between 890-9l0mm, the size commonly used in the West; the low size: 810-840mm, the size commonly used in Hong Kong; currently, some cabinets can be adjusted Feet to reach the right height.

   The height of the cabinet is indispensable to the design of the stove. The height of the stove is very important, and it is related to the housewife's cooking. If it is very laborious, the cooked dishes will not be delicious. The height of the stove with a double-burner stove is 600mm. After the stove is put on the double-burner stove, add 150mm or 200mm, it will be roughly equal to the work surface with a height of 8l0mm; if the height of the stove is greater than 600mm, the housewife will feel inconvenient and laborious .

  Kitchen countertops to buy

   Have a look: the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, the permeability is good, the surface does not have a plastic-like texture, board There are no small pores on the reverse side.

   two touches: touch the surface of the sample with a silky feel, no astringency, and no obvious unevenness (this can be used to distinguish whether aluminum hydroxide or calcium carbonate is used).

   three strokes: scratch the surface of the board with a fingernail without obvious scratches.

Four tests: Soy sauce can be used to test the permeability of the countertop (the result is no penetration); the vinegar is used to test whether calcium carbonate is added (the result is no discoloration and no powder); the countertop sample can be burned with a lighter (result) It is flame-retardant and can not afford open flame. The higher the acrylic content, the less tasteless the countertop.

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