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What is the decoration of your home, how much does it cost?

by:KingKonree     2020-04-20

Updated and updated, the main dress up is a guest, and it’s pulled down! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- In order to give the house a down payment, both parents have almost done everything. (Thanksgiving thanksgiving...) Therefore, the decoration is really no money! The in-laws gave 12,000 to buy furniture, and the parents and the parents gave 10,000 buyers the electricity, and then they were gone. Nothing.... I know that the local tyrants’ renovation budget is more than 100,000. I am very envious. But the poor people also have a good quality of life! ! ! I want to install B! I want to install B! From the beginning of the renovation, I began to make up the knowledge of decoration, tangled in various styles, and I know that the decoration stickers will soon turn me off. Finally, I used the rest to create this home that belongs to us. Casual style. Soft and hardcover all included! Of course, there are a lot of things left by the original head of the household, and there is no change. For example, flooring, such as tiles. Buying a second-hand house, then renovating and then fitting furniture and appliances, it’s all tears... Let’s take a picture on the map first (the answer is to use the domestic mobile phone, everyone can make it look too nitpicking Ah) 58 flat 2 rooms and 2 halls were almost contracted by the owner, because they often had no arguments with their husbands. Later, they answered the Lord’s heart and mind, and the man on the various mouths, then secretly Plan everything down. As it turns out, the answer to the Lord’s decision is wise. Ah hahahaha! Ikea dining table and chair, one table and four chairs are only 799, it is simply the gospel of the poor. The cushion was also bought there, a piece of 25. 1.2 meters long is a perfect match for small units. This sliding door is my favorite, although the middle pattern is not good. However, the left side is the toilet, and the right side is the kitchen. One side is opaque to block the toilet, and the transparent side makes the small kitchen more transparent. It makes clever use of the sunlight in the living room. On the left is the toilet. There is no money, no money, no money, almost no movement, and it is left by the original head of the household. Praise the wash basin, brushing your teeth every day seems to be watching the lotus pond. On the right is the kitchen. Almost nothing special, kitchen cabinets and consoles are made to order, called the master, three thousand. On the full map! Very small apartment, expensive. I always feel that I was ugly by ╮ ( ̄ _ ̄) ╭ IKEA's clock 99 yuan, special sofa 2399. Also! ! Strong push this pillow, too affordable, great quality, online shopping 39.9 哟, Taobao turned to answer the main finger to crack ... attached my wedding room photo, the answer is just newly married ah ( ̄ ▽ ̄), ignoring the wedding photo, too lazy to code, anyway, this wedding photo even my mother can not recognize me. And because of the poor, no money to decorate the empty guest bedroom. Waiting for the Lord to have money, I have to make a tatami here, put a table to buy a set of flower tea sets, and come to talk about the singer and singer. The ideal is full, the reality is the bones (┬_┬)↘ The main and husband’s monthly salary is basically equal to the white-collar workers after paying the mortgage... Now I’m dreaming of a big lottery every day. .... If there is a local tycoon and pity, I have to ask for an account with my private letter, welcome to make money, hahaha! Of course, you can also give a tribute to the fragile heart of the Lord....Shy ⁄(⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄··················· -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- The answer to the Lord has finally finished the seven big eight aunts and relatives, not to visit for a few days, ready to be drunk tonight On the occasion of the dawn. My husband suddenly called me to see my answer. (⊙_⊙)(⊙_⊙)(⊙_⊙)(/≥▽≤/)(/≥▽≤/)(/≥▽≤/)(/≥▽≤/)(/≥▽≤/) (/≥▽≤/) is so touched! You are all beautiful people! Love you! So excited, excited, so excited, can't sleep! Haven't seen a big scene... about everyone's curiosity: answering the main coordinates of Guangzhou is strictly 2 rooms and 1 living room, the practical area is 50 flat, the restaurant is hard to make a kitchen and the toilet is a wall Hey, commented that the toilet can see people cooking, your brain is really big (.·ω ́・), who said that I am good, what is the truth! Emma, ​​how can someone have such a good time, happiness, happiness! Answer the mood of the Lord now.... Why are the flowers so red? Why is this red~~~~~啦啦啦------------------------- --------------------------Sister, I am updating again ------------------ --------------------------------------------- I haven't seen you for a long time. We, buy a pot today and buy a tile tomorrow. After half a year, we have slowly added the necessary items to the pots and pans, and finally ushered in my big bedroom! ! ! ! ! The original plan was to get tatami. There are many good friends who use blood to remind me that tatami is difficult to clean and is still buggy. I am not good at listening to the whole person. (In fact, mainly because there is no money (→ _ →)), so I chose this custom tatami bed. When there are guests, you can turn into a double bed, and people can sleep more and have a wooden o(* ̄▽ ̄*). It usually becomes a resting place for me and my fat brother to read and eat snacks. Finish the game and lie down and smell the stinky feet quickly! 18.6 A pack of futon mats, the cloth that IKEA cut earlier was idle and used as a bed sheet. Invisible palm custom folding mattress three hundred won. Why am I so spicy? (▔, ▔)ㄏ But I still can't afford a double log desk, life is hard and difficult ಥ ಥ 抹 眼 眼 眼 继续 继续 继续 继续 继续 继续 继续 继续 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 抹 继续 抹 抹 继续 继续 继续 继续Happy, I wish everyone happy.

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