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What is the good material for the whole cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

   A good overall cabinet is indispensable for a good overall cabinet countertop. There are many overall cabinet countertops on the market. Then, what material is the best overall cabinet countertop? What are the better brands for the overall cabinet countertop? We What should you pay attention to when purchasing? Let's take a look at it together.

  What is the best material for the overall cabinet countertop?


   high density, high hardness, surface wear resistance, good antibacterial properties But the seams are not easy to handle; the high density weakens the hidden worry of dirt. As a traditional cabinet countertop material, granite has high density, high hardness, and wear-resistant surface, which reduces the possibility of holding dirt to a certain extent. Good antibacterial performance.

  Second, natural marble

   is rich in color, natural texture but with crack defects; it is prone to cracking. Natural marble has a variety of beautiful textures, but because stone is a porous material structure, its natural micro-cracks will appear after a long period of use. The cracks are difficult to wipe. Due to the presence of heavy metal substances, there will be a certain degree of radiation, which may cause harm to human health.

  三. Artificial stone

   is a very popular countertop material at present, it is divided into two kinds of seamless and seam. There are obvious traces of gaps when glued with seam artificial stone glue, and its anti-scratch performance and strong acid-base resistance are slightly worse. The price ranges from 300 yuan to 400 yuan per meter. The seamless artificial stone uses a material called methyl methacrylate, which is rich in patterns and integrally formed, with no traces at the joints, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent, but strong chemical agents such as paint remover, acetone-containing delustering water, pine perfume, and acid-containing plumbing cleaner can damage it and cause stains. A severe impact will form dents on the surface. The price varies between domestic and imported products. Domestic seamless artificial stone costs between 1,200 yuan and 1,500 yuan per meter, while DuPont Corian has to sell for about 3,000 yuan per meter.

  Integral cabinet countertop brand recommendation


   Jiajule is a brand of Dongguan Jiajule Cabinet Co., Ltd., Founded in 1994. It has successively won many honors such as the double ten model brands in the cabinet industry, the top ten brands of China's top ten cabinets, the top ten brands of overall cabinets, and the top 100 cabinet and bathroom enterprises in China, which consolidated Jiajule's leading position in the industry.

  Hanli Cabinet

  Hanli Cabinet is a brand of Foshan Hanli Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as the largest cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer in China and even Asia, and has passed China Environmental Certification Logo products are well received by consumers.


  Europe cabinet can be said to be a household name in China and has a high reputation. The company was established in Guangzhou in 1994 and is currently one of the largest kitchenware production bases in Asia. As China's first to introduce a brand, Oupai cabinets are produced in strict accordance with international standards. The raw materials are also strictly checked, which has pushed Oupai cabinets brand to the leading position in the industry.

How to choose    overall cabinet countertops

  1. Choose cabinets to see materials

   The price composition of the cabinets is more complicated, and the material of the cabinets , Countertops and hardware are different, and the price gap is also large. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some necessary cabinet knowledge. Different materials affect the use and durability of the cabinet as a whole, so the materials of the cabinet should be carefully selected for your own use.

  2, choose the cabinet to look at the size

   When buying, the cabinet countertop size should also be measured. If the size is too large or the size is too small, it is inappropriate and will affect the overall effect , Only reasonable size can bring out the characteristics of cabinets. In addition, many people will pay attention to the price of cabinet countertops when buying cabinets. The price of the cabinets affects people’s attention. Therefore, the size of cabinets should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing cabinets. In addition, In the cabinet countertops, you should also choose. There are stainless steel, and some are made of other materials. When choosing, you must consider more thorough.

  3, look at the after-sales service

  The cabinet industry is a customized industry based on natural materials. The products have their own characteristics, and sales have their own special sales and service processes. . The sales of cabinet products are more flexible and the service cycle is longer. Product services have become one of the important factors affecting consumers’ purchase decisions. In order to meet consumers’ service needs, China’s cabinet industry is now increasingly focusing on after-sales service Publicity and brand image promotion.


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