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What is the height of the overall kitchen countertop in general

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

The height and size of the overall kitchen countertop are directly related to the convenience and comfort of using it in the future, so we must understand it.

Who decides how high the cabinet countertop needs to be

The most scientific method is to find a cabinet countertop of similar height , By padding things to the same height, and then putting the wok on top, simulating the cooking action, find the most comfortable height size, subtracting the height of the stove from this size is the most suitable height for the floor of your cabinet .

Generally speaking, this height is just right when you cut vegetables. If this height is not suitable for you to cut vegetables, then you can only make your cabinet countertops high and low, which is to cut vegetables. The height of the part is different from the height of the part where the cooking stove is placed. The cost will be higher, but the appearance is often more beautiful.

Cabinet countertop height

Each of us has different heights and habits, so we don’t want to believe what others say The height of cabinet countertops is standard. The standard of the cabinet is certain, but our requirements are not the same, blindly install according to the height of the standard cabinet countertop, there will definitely be unsuitable places in the end. In order to ensure that our countertops are suitable for our own use, the heights of cabinet countertops currently available on the market are generally 80cm, 75cm, and 65cm. Then the height of the cabinet countertop of the national standard is 80cm.

Width of cabinet countertops

The width of cabinet countertops directly affects the comfort of housewives during work, so when designing cabinets, you should understand the cabinet countertop width standards. The layout of the kitchen countertop and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife, and the width of the cabinet countertop should not be less than 900 mm × 460 mm. The minimum width of the cabinet countertop should be 200mm and the maximum width should not exceed 600mm, and the height of the cabinet door should be between 500mm and 700mm.

Key points for color matching of cabinets and countertops

The color of the kitchen space is limited to three types, white and black are not counted . Even if some professional designers can control the deep level of color matching, there may be more than three colors, but only one or two colors.

It is not easy to choose black cabinets in a kitchen with a small space. It will have the feeling of reducing the space area. Choosing a light color system can make up for the depression of the space and make the space more spacious.

When choosing the color of the whole cabinet, it is best not to use neutral colors. It is better to choose colors with higher brightness, such as white, milky white, fruit green, blue, light yellow, etc. In addition, jumping colors such as orange-red, orange-yellow, and brown can stimulate appetite and are used as decorations to create eye-catching effects.

Finally, I want to remind everyone, don’t believe in what others call the standard height of cabinet countertops. The standard height of cabinet countertops is standard. Personal height and habits are not standard. I blindly make cabinet countertops according to the so-called standard height. In the end, if it’s not for cooking, it’s tiring to cut vegetables.

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