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What is the height of the reception desk? What is the height of the company's reception desk?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-20

   We can see the reception desk in the lobby of many companies, hotels, and shopping malls. It looks like an ordinary reception desk, but in terms of height design, it is a 'hidden mystery'. How high is the reception desk? ? Is there a standard height? Let's take a look together below.

  [The height of the reception desk is appropriate]

  1, the height of the company reception desk

   The height of the company reception desk facing outward is generally between 1.2 and 1.5 meters , The front desk staff sits on the side where the front desk is between 60cm and 70cm.

  2, the height of the hotel reception desk

   The height of the reception desk of the hotel and the reception desk of the restaurant is different, so we can only say what the general reception desk height should be The standard is based on whether the hotel is a stand-up service or a seated service. If it is a counter for customers, it is usually about 1.2 meters away, which is convenient for customers to write and can also cover the work surface of employees.

  [Reception desk height standard]

  1. The veneer and flanges are smooth and flat, without corrugation or concave resistance;

  2, the sealing edge is straight and smooth, without degumming or warping;

  3. After the product is spliced u200bu200bwith hardware connectors, the overall appearance is tight, the gap is small and uniform; the whole product is spliced u200bu200bwell, The seams are neat, the overall color is basically the same, and the transition is natural;

The height of the reception desk can be divided into 2 layers, one is the inner layer of the reception desk, the other is the outer layer, and the inner layer is the working area of u200bu200bthe staff. Generally the height of our desk is the same as our usual desk. It is the office area; the other layer is the outer layer, which is generally relatively high, about 1.2 meters to 1.3 meters. Note that the height must not be too high, too high will block customers. And it gives people the feeling of being superior and disrespectful to people.

  【Reception desk height design principle】

What is the general size of the company reception desk? Many people think that the size is of course a bit wider and more stylish, just as high as the height of the table, after all, you have to sit in the office. The front can be designed with glass or stone materials, but the specific size of the office reception desk must be designed according to the actual size of the site and the placement angle, with the corporate culture and the overall design style of the office.

   The reception area of u200bu200bthe reception area must be well planned, otherwise the reception area of u200bu200bthe reception area is most likely to become a pile of scattered debris. For example, a product display cabinet can be placed near the door, keys and company products can also be used or packed in trays, so that each item has its own location, and it will look neat and tidy. Show warmth. The image wall that enters and exits the front desk is mainly used to separate the indoor and outdoor spaces. This area is more suggestive. You can put some company information and let you enter the office with a sense of intimacy.

   If your office environment has been renovated, you should consider the color of the front desk to coordinate with the background of the office when you buy the front desk, and combine the color of the indoor background with the lighting As the main collocation direction. For example, if the background color of the office environment is heavy, generally speaking, it is not appropriate to choose a dark reception desk, because a dark background will feel heavier in a space with a strong color, and will absorb light, forming a heavy and dim indoor atmosphere .

   In addition, if the color of the reception desk is too strong, it is easy to produce a tired visual effect. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to choose a harmonious color. However, this statement is not suitable for everyone, because some people prefer to pursue the effect of strong contrast and visual stimulation.

   If the office environment is wooden floor, it is easier to choose a reception desk. If it is tile, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not advisable to choose a steel-wood reception desk, which will increase the cold indoor atmosphere. You can choose a wooden reception desk to reconcile it, and place carpets in some parts of the room to alleviate the cold and hard feel.

   The shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors of the reception desk can be coordinated with the interior design or lighting to form a coherent and complementary overall indoor space effect. Regarding the height, it still depends on whether the service is sitting or standing. If you are sitting, keep the service staff's head up and look up at a 45-degree angle to look at the customer. If you are standing, the height should be approximately below the chest.

  [Precautions for the layout of the reception desk]

   1. The reception desk does not have to be too long or too solemn, it looks like a trial stand, and It should be designed to be slender and light, just by setting up a four-person reception desk to dilute the 'powerful' reception lineup.

  2. The design should take into account the grade of the office building and the characteristics of the customers who purchase the office building, and set up a set of luxurious modular sofas. This does not refer to the luxury of materials, but the sofa equipment. For example, a set of (3+2) sofa and coffee table, square table and so on.

  3. It is recommended that the display panel should be suspended in the air, which can eliminate the sense of openness while decorating the atmosphere.

  5. Hanging double-sided display panels can be designed inside the glass window, which can be viewed inside and outside.

  6. The indoor pillars are all surrounded by golden cloth, indicating the meaning of 'mature'.

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