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What is the material of the cabinet countertop What is the material of the cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-17

We have a lot of common cabinet countertop materials, such as natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, stainless steel, etc., which are relatively common. Let’s get to know them.

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops are divided into granite countertops and marble countertops. The difference between these two countertops lies in The appearance is different, the marble pattern is relatively soft, the appearance has the texture of biological remains, and the surface stripe distribution is irregular; while the granite is slightly white or gray with spots in the appearance, and the addition of potassium feldspar makes it red or flesh-colored.

The advantages of the two are roughly the same. They have high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and minor scratches will not be particularly noticeable; but they also have the same disadvantage, that is, there are seams on the surface of the two. Hidden dirt and dirt; and because of the high hardness of the two, when two pieces of stone need to be bonded, there can be no gaps, and these gaps will accumulate dirt in future use, causing the appearance of the countertop to be unsightly.

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone countertops are the most used cabinet countertops, the main reason is that they have more advantages , The main points are as follows: wear resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. These three points just meet the requirements of the kitchen for cabinet countertops and are very suitable for daily use. The surface of the countertop has no pores, and dirt such as oil stains and water stains will not penetrate into it, so that it will not appear dirty even after long-term use. If the cabinet needs a long countertop, the artificial stone can be seamlessly bonded without any gaps. If the surface is scratched, it can be polished with gauze paper soaked in water so that it will not leave marks on the surface.

Stainless steel countertops

The stainless steel countertops themselves have three limitations. One is that they have a single style and cannot be made with special edges or shapes like quartz stone. If it is a solid wood cabinet, match it with Stainless steel countertops will be nondescript; the second is poor scratch resistance, sharp metal tableware such as knives and forks can easily scratch the countertops, some materials are very thin, and heavy objects are easy to smash; third, it is not environmentally friendly, and countertops of any material are very good. Thin, need to add a countertop support system below,

Quartz stone countertop

High temperature resistance, stain resistance, should not be left Scratches, in terms of color, have a larger choice than traditional stone. However, the price of quartz stone raw materials is very different. At present, the price of quartz stone countertops of first-line brands on the market is above 1500 yuan per linear meter, and then the price is divided again according to the different brands. . The difference in materials is directly related to the quality, style and stability of the product. In addition, the maturity and smoothness of the quartz stone production line technology directly determines the output, the stability of the quality, the color difference and other factors.

Well, that’s all about the selection of countertops. Having a bright, clean, stylish and generous cabinet countertop will definitely make you I feel great. I hope that the above introduction can help you when you choose a countertop.

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