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What is the price of acrylic countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

  There are many materials for countertops in the market. We all want to choose a countertop product with a better material when buying. Acrylic countertop is one of the more popular products. So how good is the acrylic countertop? Acrylic What is the price of the countertops and how to buy acrylic countertops, let's take a look at the relevant situation of acrylic countertops together.

What is the price of    acrylic countertops

  Pure acrylic materials are generally used in sheet series, because of its unique transparency, wear resistance and high temperature environment, No radiation to the human body, long service life and other advantages, so that acrylic is favored by consumers in the application of cabinets. The production process is based on a chemical material called methyl methacrylate. After adding aluminum hydroxide as an auxiliary material, it is melted in a high-temperature furnace, and finally processed and produced. In addition, it does not contain any other ingredients. The market price of this pure acrylic countertop is generally around 2100 yuan per meter to 3,600 yuan per meter. But when it comes to brands, the prices are different. This price is for reference only.

   composite acrylic, we have briefly introduced it in the first paragraph. The material is mixed with some artificial stone components, and it is between the resin material and the acrylic material, so it is also called artificial stone composite acrylic . The composite acrylic countertop adopts the pure acrylic production method, but the difference is that the resin is added as the ingredient, which has better flexibility and high strength, and the price of the acrylic countertop produced by this method is relatively moderate. , Suitable for consumers' demand for home decoration, the market price of composite acrylic countertops is 700 yuan per meter to 1,000 yuan per meter. This price is for reference only.

  Acrylic tabletop advantages

   high transparency. Transparency is also called Baidu, the acrylic countertops are made through the selection of raw materials, the current formula and the modern production technology, ensuring that the acrylic table has a light transmittance of more than 92%, especially after flame polishing, it is more crystal clear.

   has strong weather resistance. Used outdoors, it can withstand the comprehensive damage caused by exposure to the sun, changes in cold and heat, wind and rain erosion, and bacteria, and has a longer service life than most materials. This is also determined by the characteristics of acrylic material;

   In the case of transparency comparable to glass, the density of acrylic sheet is only half that of glass, except for acrylic countertops It is beautiful and safer to use. Acrylic, namely polymethyl methacrylate, is a polymer material with excellent chemical stability and toughness, not as fragile as glass.

  Good surface hardness. The countertop is mainly used to place various objects. If the surface hardness is not good, too many items are placed or placed for a long time, it may cause the deformation of the countertop or the appearance of dents. Not only affects the internal structure of the countertop, but also reduces the aesthetics of the entire product.

  How to choose acrylic countertop

  The thickness of the countertop: The thickness of the acrylic countertop is directly related to the strength, and the thickness also involves the cost. If a 10mm thick board is used, it will only be 8mm thick after being processed and polished, which will cause some artificial stones to crack and deform after being impacted. When purchasing, you must understand the thickness of the artificial stone. The national standard for the thickness of the blank plate requires 12.7mm, and the finished product should be 12mm thick, while the low-priced countertops are usually only 8-10mm thick.

   Look at the product brand and price: When purchasing countertops, if economic conditions permit, it is best to choose well-known brand products, so that the countertop quality will be more guaranteed. And products produced by small brands or small workshops are prone to quality problems. Generally, the price of medium artificial stone is about 1,000 yuan per linear meter. It is best not to choose products that are too cheap.

   Look at the after-sales service: In view of the possibility of fracture of the acrylic artificial stone sheet, if there is a problem, it needs to be maintained and refurbished in time to restore the countertop product to its original state. Therefore, when purchasing, it depends on whether the merchant provides thoughtful after-sales service.

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