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What is the price of marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-24

   There are many materials for countertops, like marble countertops are a temperament, then what are the characteristics of marble countertops, how much is the price of marble countertops, how should marble countertops be cleaned in daily life, let's come together Check it out.

What is the price of    marble countertops

  Fujian Biaomei stone natural marble countertops luxury kitchen decoration 350 yuan

   artificial marble/kitchen countertops /Processing artificial stone countertops/white countertops 380 yuan

  artificial marble/quartz stone export countertops/ kitchen countertops/processing plants/dining windowsill 320 yuan

  imported marble slab countertops (background stone wood Textured jade stone)

  Price: 1200 yuan

  Natural marble imported marble/granite/table top/Putin beige

  Price: 560 yuan

Features of    marble countertops

  Natural texture and color are rich and optional

   Now many people in home decoration like pastoral style, living in a single room. Naturally, this is not only reflected in the decoration style, but also in the selection of materials. Like natural marble, it has always been a natural stone that people love. When people buy marble countertops, they already have a very beautiful marble countertop texture in their hearts. Marble has been baptized by nature's wind and rain, its texture is natural and natural, and its color varieties are also very many, from black to pink, to pure white, and rich in colors, which can meet various decoration needs and integrate into different decoration styles Go in.

  Durability is beyond imagination

  The picture of the marble countertop is a bit hard and cold. You can see from the picture that its texture is very Hard, if you touch it with your hands, you will feel a very smooth and hard touch. In fact, the durability of marble countertops is beyond people's imagination. It itself is a very old building material. Even in nature, it has a very long life after wind and sun. It is moved indoors as a kind of stone. With people's careful maintenance, life expectancy will be longer. If you use marble for countertops during decoration, you may not have to consider replacing countertops in the next few decades.

  Radiation pollution must be considered

   People like the decorative effect of marble countertop pictures, but they also need to consider the radiation pollution of this natural stone. Nowadays, decoration materials are all about environmental protection and health, and they are not harmful to health, but marble needs to be careful because it contains a certain amount of heavy metals. Generally speaking, the heavier the color of the marble, the greater the radiation pollution, but the specific amount of radiation testing is required to know. When buying marble, you can choose white stone, and you must pay attention to indoor ventilation after decoration.

  How to clean marble countertops

  1. Acidic stains. It is far better to suck up the stain than to wipe off the stain, because wiping will cause the stain to spread. Most stains such as vinegar or fruit juice can be removed with a paste made of baking powder and soda water. After the paste has dried and hardened, wipe off the paste with a wet towel, and then dry it with a dry towel.

   2. Food stains. For hardened food stains, hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove, but the time should not be too long. Once the stain disappears, wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and finally wipe it dry.

   3. Grease stains. Use paper towels to absorb grease, and then use absorbents such as cornstarch to sprinkle on the stained area. Let stand for 1 to 2 hours. Then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally wipe dry.

   4. Nail polish stains. Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in about half a liter of warm water and wipe with a clean white cloth. Do not leave any dishwashing liquid, use another damp cloth to wipe off the remaining liquid and wipe dry. Repeat cleaning until the stain is completely removed.


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