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What is the price of marble countertops How about marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-24

   There are many types of materials for countertops. We generally want to choose a product that is environmentally friendly and good in quality. For example, marble countertops on the market are more popular products, so generally speaking How about marble countertops, what is the price of marble countertops, and what matters should be paid attention to when purchasing marble countertops. Let's introduce it to you.

How much is the price of    marble countertops? How about marble countertops?

How much is the price of    marble countertops

  Imported marble slab countertops, price: 1200 Yuan

   natural marble imported marble/granite/table top/Putin beige price: 560 yuan

   imported natural marble red line beige stone European style decoration living room price: 265 yuan

  Natural marble mosaic waterjet price: 426 yuan

   Hangzhou natural marble threshold window sill price: 230 yuan

   The above prices are for reference only.

How about    marble countertops

   does not deform, has high hardness, and has strong abrasion resistance. After long-term natural aging, the structure of the rock is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the internal stress disappears completely, and it is not deformed. It is not afraid of acid, alkaline liquids, corrosion, no rust, no need to apply oil, not easy to stick to dust, easy and simple maintenance, and long service life.

   abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low temperature deformation. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and its original physical properties can be maintained at room temperature.

   is physically stable, well-structured, impacted, the grains fall off, the surface has no burrs, does not affect the plane accuracy, the material is stable, can ensure long-term non-deformation, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the mechanical accuracy is high, and the Rust, anti-magnetic and insulating. It is not magnetized, can move smoothly during measurement, has no sense of stagnation, is not affected by moisture, and the plane is weighed well.

  How to choose marble countertops

  observe the stone

   It depends on whether the marble countertops you choose are high-quality products, you can first pass Observe the surface of the stone with eyes. Generally speaking, the price of artificial marble countertops is lower than that of natural marble, but high-quality artificial marble also needs to show fineness and no coarse particles. And the higher the gloss, the better the workmanship of the marble. When observing, pay attention to whether there are cracks or defects in the subtle parts of the product.

  quantity specification

   is good. For marble countertops, another important factor that affects the price of artificial marble countertops is the product specifications. High-quality marble countertops must match the required size, and the effect will be much worse if splicing is required. Of course, the price of a whole piece of marble countertop is higher, and the spliced u200bu200bproducts are not only less reliable in quality, but also worse in decorative effect. More importantly, if it is used in the kitchen, it may affect its service life.


  The test is to determine the quality of the marble. Whether it is an artificial marble countertop or a natural marble countertop, you can put a drop of vinegar or soy sauce on the back of the stone. If the vinegar or soy sauce disperses quickly, it means that the density of the stone is not high and there are small gaps, and the quality of such a stone is poor; and if the vinegar or soy sauce does not disperse in place, the quality of the stone is better. This is also an important way to judge the price of artificial marble countertops.

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