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What is the processing technology of artificial stone countertops?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-02

   There are many materials for countertops. Artificial stone countertops are one of them. Artificial stone countertops have many advantages. Then let's take a look at the advantages of artificial stone countertops and what is the processing technology of artificial stone countertops. And what is the price of artificial stone countertops.

  What is the processing technology of artificial stone countertops?

  1. Cutting: According to the size of the drawing, small factories usually use small hand-held cutting saws. Some factories use bridge cutting machines or horizontal cutting machines, and they also have certain experience when cutting materials, and they cannot cut materials at corners. That will cause bad results.

  2. Trimming: We all know that the material cut with a cutting machine must have a lot of unevenness. In order to make the bonding smooth, we need to repair the burrs. In this way, future work can be done easily. The craftsmanship that comes out is more delicate, can highlight its value even more.

  3. Bonding: a. Be prepared to repair the materials to be bonded on the bonding surface. b. Adjust the special glue, add an appropriate amount of curing agent and stir evenly. c. Clamp the material with a clamp and pay attention to the force of the clamp.

  4. Polishing: Although artificial stone countertops do not require as professional and fine polishing as jade, it also requires further processing. The bonded table surface can be polished and polished with an angle grinder. There are many methods of polishing and polishing, but one rule should be paid attention to. The polishing should be done layer by layer. After polishing, it can be polished. Polish before polishing. Wax, polished with wool polishing cotton. The products after grinding and polishing can make people feel more beautiful in appearance. Such products can also be sold at a good price in the market!

   5. Installation: There are actually many installations of artificial stone countertops, because they have different uses and can be used to make kitchen cabinet countertops. Bay window countertops and even some countertops in the bathroom can be used.

The advantages of    artificial stone countertops

  1, the advantages of good processability:

   the kitchen and bathroom countertops are beautiful and beautiful In other words, artificial stone cannot be replaced. It can be bonded with the same quality and color, and the workability is almost integrated, which is not available in materials such as natural marble and quartz stone.

  2. The artificial stone countertop has a variety of colors and colors, and can be integrally formed. Repeatedly polish and innovate.

  3: If you think the artificial stone countertop is too short or too narrow, it doesn't matter, it can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and there is no trace of the bonding.

  4. Practicability of anti-permeation: Artificial stone, also known as polymer material, has cabinet corrosion and anti-permeability properties. It is more suitable for cabinet countertops, and it is not unreasonable to be favored. (It is precisely the defect of natural marble).

How much is the price of    artificial stone countertops

  Acrylic artificial stone

   This is an artificial stone produced from a relatively novel material , Its characteristics are beautiful, non-yellowing, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant. Therefore, the characteristics of this kind of artificial stone are very obvious, and the advantages are also very obvious. Therefore, the price of this kind of kitchen artificial stone countertops is relatively high, and the technical process is relatively high. It is also relatively complicated, and the cost is very high. Generally speaking, the price is around 2000-3000 per meter, which can be said to be a relatively high-end consumption.

  Artificial quartz stone

  The definition of artificial quartz stone: It is composed of more than 90% natural quartz and about 10% mineral pigments, resins and other additives. It is a plate processed by high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-vibration press production methods. . It is a kind of countertop mainly used in the Chinese market. The price of artificial stone countertops for kitchens with this material is relatively cheap. The general price on the market is about 700-1500 yuan per meter, which can basically meet the needs of the public.

  Resin version artificial stone

   Nowadays, in many building materials markets, most of the quartz stones sold are actually this kind of resin plate artificial stone. Its price is relatively cheap. The procedure is also relatively simple. At present, due to the differences in technology and equipment in the market, the price of this kind of kitchen artificial stone countertops is also very different. Generally speaking, the price is about 400-700 yuan per meter, which is relatively popular. Consumption. It is also a kind of material to buy more.


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