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What is the size of the European style washbasin and how to install it

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

The bathroom sink plays an important role in our daily life. It can be said that the bathroom cannot be separated from the sink, and the European-style sink is very popular now, so what is the size of the European-style sink?

European style bathroom sink installation height

The size of the sink has the smallest control, the minimum width is 550mm, In order to save space, the 600mm integrated bathroom has reduced the European-style washbasin to about 300mm, but even if this is done, the washbasin cannot be as wide as 300mm. It must highlight the European-style washbasin, which makes it inconvenient to place things. The other key is to leave a clearance of 550mm from the center of the washbasin to the walls on both sides, that is to say, there must be a clearance of 1100 to put your countertop, otherwise it is crappy to use, so you can integrate everyone's opinions. In order to be more economical, some people don't even need a washbasin, they need a floor-to-ceiling washbasin, just put a soap or something.

However, one of the more commonly used sizes is the undercounter basin: countertop 850mm, and above counter basin: countertop 750mm. This size is the standard size for European-style bathroom sink installations, but we can look at it according to our actual situation. If the average height of the people in the family is relatively high, of course, the design should be higher. If the average height of the family is not very high, then it is recommended to install the bathroom sink lower.

Precautions for the installation of European style bathroom sinks

1. Leave enough distance between the two basins. Otherwise it will affect each other when used.

2. Due to the staggered brackets of the countertop of the countertop basin, the disassembly and assembly are complicated. If the length of the countertop is small, it is difficult to ensure the installation quality during installation.

3. After the installation of the undercounter basin, the overall appearance is relatively clean and easy to take care of. It should be noted that the joint between the basin and the countertop is a place where dirt and dirt are easily hidden to prevent mildew.

4. The under-counter basin has higher requirements for the installation process. First, the mounting bracket must be customized according to the size of the under-counter basin, and then the under-counter basin is installed in a predetermined position. After the bracket is fixed, it will be opened. The countertop cover of the hole is fixed on the wall on the undercounter basin.

The layout of European-style washbasin

Dry and wet separation to ensure hygiene

Generally speaking, dry The wet zone can effectively separate the sink area, toilet area and shower area in the bathroom, and can also separate the sink area separately to reduce the pollution of water vapor and mold to the sink area, and keep the toiletries dry and hygienic , This approach is gradually becoming a new trend in home decoration.

Mirror flowers and plants decorate the beautiful space

The flowers and plants in the bathroom can be placed in the bathroom, in addition to flowers such as forget-me-not that are not afraid of damp, and ferns with strong resistance and shadow tolerance or not The slender vines that take up space are also very beautiful on the sink. The color of the bathroom is cold, consider using warm-toned vases or flower pots to enhance the warm and lively atmosphere in the space.

In addition, moving the European-style washbasin area near the aisle and designing it as an open style can increase the use efficiency of the bathroom and increase the number of people More families can bathe at the same time without affecting each other, which greatly facilitates people's lives.

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