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What is the size of the general sink

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

The bathroom decoration design is a more important space in our home life, and the bathroom sink also occupies a very important role in the bathroom, so do you know the size and height of the bathroom sink?

What is the size of the general washbasin

The size of the washbasin has the smallest control, the minimum width is 550mm, In order to save space, the 600mm set bathroom has reduced the sink to about 300mm, but even if this is done, it is impossible for the sink to be only 300mm wide. It must protrude the sink, which makes it inconvenient to place things. The other key is to leave a clearance of 550mm from the center of the washbasin to the walls on both sides, that is to say, there must be a clearance of 1100 to put your countertop, otherwise it is crappy to use so you can integrate everyone's opinions. In order to be more economical, some people don't even need a washbasin, so they need a floor-standing washbasin, just put a soap or something.

However, one of the more commonly used sizes is the undercounter basin: countertop 850mm, and above counter basin: countertop 750mm. This size is the standard size for bathroom sink installation, but we can look at it according to our actual situation. If the average height of the people in the family is relatively high, then of course the design should be higher. If the average height of the family is not very high, then it is recommended to install the bathroom sink lower.

Precautions for the installation of washbasins

1. When decorating the bathroom, do not install a washbasin in the master bedroom bathroom. Feng Shui says The floor of the bathroom should not be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub. The Five Elements Theory believes that water flows downwards and belongs to the lower level. It is easy to live in a bedroom 'moisturized' by water for a long time. A disease of the endocrine system occurs. If you like this built-in bathtub, you can place it in another bathroom far away from the bedroom.

2. The washbasin in the bathroom cannot be located in the southwest or northeast. The landlord is a big deal. This is the Gen Gua in the northeast and the Kun Gua in the southwest. The hexagrams of the hexagrams are all soil, and the hexagram of the bathroom sink is water. The water bathroom sinks are located in the soil-based Gen Fang and Kun Fang. , There will be an unfavorable phenomenon of Turke water, so it is regarded as a big culprit.

3. There is a long corridor in the house, so pay attention to the relationship between the corridor and the bathroom sink. The bathroom sink should only be located On the side of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor. This is a kind of indoor 'road rushing'. The washbasin in the bathroom is directly flushed by the corridor, which is extremely harmful to the health of the family.

In the home environment, the issue of Feng Shui needs our special attention, especially the bathroom Feng Shui. Because improper placement of bathroom objects can also affect the feng shui problem of the whole family. Among them, the setting of the washbasin in the bathroom is the key, so you can't be sloppy at this point.

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