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What is the standard size of the general cabinet countertop width

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

   A more suitable cabinet counter is more beneficial to our kitchen design and housewife use. So in general, what is the width standard of the more suitable cabinet countertop? What are the better brands of cabinet countertops? , How should we take care of it in daily life, let's take a look together below.

  What is the standard size of the width of the general cabinet countertop

   Because the characteristic of the whole cabinet is the cabinet countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet, the height is 600mm, the lower The size of the cabinet is 500 mm, and the height of the cabinet layout and work table should be suitable for the height of the housewife, so the width of the cabinet countertop should not be less than 900 mm × 460 mm.

   And the width of the cabinet countertop also determines the width of the sink. Generally, the width of the sink should be the cabinet countertop minus about 100 mm. At the same time, according to the feature that the domestic cabinet countertop size is between 500 mm and 600 mm, you can It is concluded that the reasonable width of the sink is between 430 mm and 480 mm.

  The cabinet countertop size can be large or small. Generally, the standard height of the countertop is 550 and 600mm; the standard thickness of the countertop is 12.7 and 27mm, and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the countertop is 50mm. These are some size information of the cabinet countertops purchased on the market. If you want to customize the cabinet yourself, the width of the countertop can be determined by yourself, but the general thickness and water-retaining standards are similar.

   The first standard that should be followed is the length. A single countertop should not exceed 3 meters (except in special cases). If it exceeds, it should be divided into sections and then spliced. The standard width of the countertop of general cabinets is 550 and 600 mm. There are two types with thicknesses of 12.7 mm and 27 mm.

  The front-end line design of the cabinet countertop mainly includes straight edges (including thickened straight edges), beveled edges, small beveled edges, large round edges, small round edges, straight edge waterproof lines, and small round edges waterproof lines. , Small beveled edge waterproof line (8 types); and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the cabinet is 50 mm.

   cabinet countertop brand recommendation

  Dupont DuPont (DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.)

  (0755-83591721,021-38622888, 400-8851-888, in 1802, one of the world’s top 500 companies, one of the world’s largest pesticide chemical and energy groups, a large enterprise group, DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.)

   Zhongxun CXUN (Guangdong Zhongxun New Material Co., Ltd.)

   (020-84728388, a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a large modern enterprise, one of the large-scale industrial surface material production bases, Guangdong Zhongxun New Material Co., Ltd.)

  Wanfeng (Wanfeng Stone Technology Co., Ltd.)

   (0757-27831188, Guangdong famous trademark, Guangdong famous brand product, high-tech enterprise, artificial stone industry standard Designated drafting company, Wanfeng Stone Technology Co., Ltd.)

  How to maintain cabinet countertops

  1. Avoid direct contact with hot pots and hot pots in the cabinets. It is best to be placed on a pot rack.

  2. During the operation, try to avoid touching the countertops and door panels with sharp objects to avoid scratches. No matter what countertop you choose, you should cut vegetables and cook food on the occupying board, except to avoid leaving In addition to knife marks, better hygiene can be achieved.

  3. The countertop of general material has bubbles and gaps. If the colored liquid penetrates into it, it will cause pollution or discoloration. Therefore, avoid fuel or staining directly on the countertop.

4. The erosion of chemical substances is not allowed for many materials. For example, the stainless steel countertops may rust if they are exposed to salt, so you should also pay attention to avoiding soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the countertops.


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