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What is the width of the cabinet countertop in general

by:KingKonree     2021-04-15

The best width in the kitchen is determined according to personal circumstances and the size of the kitchen, but it also has a standard size that can be used as a reference. Let’s take a look.

Standard size of cabinet countertops

The cabinet countertops can vary in size. Generally, the standard height of the countertop is 550 and 600mm; the standard thickness of the countertop is 12.7 and 27mm, and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the countertop is 50mm. These are some size information of the cabinet countertops purchased on the market. If you want to customize the cabinet yourself, the width of the countertop can be determined by yourself, but the general thickness and water-retaining standards are similar.

Standards to be followed in the size design of cabinet countertops

1. The first standard that should be followed is the length. A single countertop should not exceed 3 meters (except in special circumstances). If it exceeds it, it should Segmented, and then spliced, the standard width of the general cabinet countertops are 550 and 600 mm, and the thickness is 12.7 mm and 27 mm.

2. The front line design of the cabinet countertop mainly includes straight edges (including thickened straight edges), beveled edges, small beveled edges, large rounded edges, small rounded edges, straight edged waterproof lines, and small rounded edges. Waterproof line, small beveled edge waterproof line (8 types); and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the cabinet is 50 mm.

Design of the width of the cabinet countertop

As the whole cabinet is characterized by the cabinet countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet, the height is 600 mm, the lower size is 500 mm, the cabinet layout and the height of the work table should be suitable for the height of the housewife, so the width of the cabinet countertop should not be less than 900 mm × 460 mm.

And the width of the cabinet countertop also determines the width of the sink. Generally, the width of the sink should be the cabinet countertop minus about 100 mm. At the same time, according to the feature that the domestic cabinet countertop size is between 500 mm and 600 mm, you can It is concluded that the reasonable width of the sink is between 430 mm and 480 mm.

What is the width of the commonly used cabinet countertops?

The size of cabinet countertops is generally not fixed. Custom cabinets are designed according to the kitchen space to design the most suitable cabinet countertop width. Many cabinet brands also sell finished cabinets. Commonly used cabinet countertop widths for these finished cabinets are: 1000*460mm, 1150*460mm, 1100*460mm, 1100*480mm, 1150*480mm.

Selection of cabinet countertops

Artificial stone: artificial stone is divided into composite acrylic and calcium carbonate countertops, calcium carbonate countertops Because it does not contain acrylic, it is relatively close, and it is easy to crack and bleed.

Quartz stone: the countertop contains quartz stone particles. The price of quartz stone countertops is relatively high, and the advantages are wear resistance, scratch resistance, and strong penetration resistance. This type of countertop can be used to cut vegetables directly on it, and it is very hard. There is no need to consider soy sauce and fruit juice. This is a long-term investment, generally the market price span is very large.

Stainless steel: The stainless steel countertop looks like the color of the sink, giving people a cold feeling. If the stainless steel countertop has cracks, it cannot be repaired and cannot be seamlessly joined. Because it does not bleed, it is used more in hospitals and schools. Experts recommend that families not use it.

Generally speaking, the width of the kitchen countertop and the selection of materials should be designed to take into account the height difference of the kitchen cooks, and personal preferences, etc. , So you must think about it when designing, so as to choose the most suitable cabinet countertop.

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