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What is the width of the general cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

Mastering the general width and size of cabinet countertops is a basic requirement for purchasing cabinet countertops, otherwise there may be the risk of buying cabinet countertops that are too large or too small.

Cabinet countertop height

Because the height of the user is different, the cabinet countertop should also be made according to the user’s height and Make appropriate adjustments to Chinese or Western food. For example, for the iron pan used for Chinese food and the pan used for Western food, the height of the operating table is required to have a difference of 10 cm. The most comfortable height for the user to hold the pot handle should be an important criterion for determining the height of the countertop, usually the height of the cabinet countertop is 65-90cm. The method to determine the best height is: the operator's forearm is raised horizontally, and the height of 10-15cm from the elbow is the best height of the cabinet countertop.

Width of cabinet countertop

From cabinet countertop to the bottom of the cabinet, the high dimension is 600mm; the low dimension is 500mm. The layout of the kitchen cabinets and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife, and the width of the countertop of the cabinet should not be less than 900mm×460mm. According to the ergonomics, the general cabinet countertop width standard is 500mm-600mm, which is the most suitable.

Cabinet countertop size

In terms of oriental figure, the height of the countertop in the kitchen should be 85cm in depth , The workbench is suitable for 60cm; the wall cabinet should be 37cm. In addition, in terms of length, the kitchen utensils can be reasonably configured according to the kitchen space, and the cabinet countertops of various sizes and specifications make users feel comfortable.

Generally speaking, a 140 cm wide kitchen should be a narrower kitchen. Such a kitchen can only make cabinets on one side. However, if the kitchen width exceeds 140 cm, such as a 150 cm wide kitchen, A narrow row of cabinets can be made on the other side, but the premise must be that the sink and the stove are not on both sides. Generally, the countertop of the sink and the stove should be more than 55 cm, and the cabinet countertop on the other side can be made 25 cm wide. There are cabinets on both sides, and the middle aisle can still be 70 cm wide, which basically has no effect on human activities. Don't underestimate the 25 cm wide cabinet, it can play a great role in the storage of the kitchen.

Common cabinet stone countertops

Artificial quartz stone countertops: this material is most like natural stone in artificial stone. It is not afraid of scratching or high temperature, and good quartz stone is also impermeable. The biggest disadvantage is that it cannot be seamlessly spliced, and glue is used. However, because there are generally professional manufacturers to provide services, the splicing effect will be much better than natural stone, and the good things are not. Cheap and good quartz countertops are not cheap.

Natural stone countertops: solid skin-from a certain angle, its natural texture is better; cheap-from the point of use, with granite countertops, I can cut watermelon without cutting board, I hold it The hot pot can be placed directly on the countertop of the cabinet. But the seam processing is difficult. It's hard to make styling. Oil oozing (sticky hands after a long time, this is terrible). At present, most of the joints are made of glass glue. The instability of glass glue leads to some disadvantages (such as mold).

Pure acrylic artificial stone countertops (artificial stone countertops with more than 40% acrylic content are called pure acrylic countertops): Good products can be absolutely impervious, seamless splicing, arbitrary shapes, and very tough , Basically no breakage and other phenomena.

Finally, we must pay attention to whether it is size or material, we must consider it when choosing cabinet countertops, so that we can be more Accurately choose the cabinet countertop that best suits you and your home style.

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