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What is the width of the kitchen countertop?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-27

  With the changes in people's lives, people's requirements for home decoration have also changed significantly. The kitchen plays an important role in the decoration of the house. In the kitchen, in addition to cabinets and stoves, the most important thing is the purchase of kitchen countertops. What is the width of the kitchen countertop?

What is the standard size of    cabinet countertop width

   cabinet countertop width design standard

   Because of the overall cabinet The characteristic is that the cabinet countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet, the high size is 600mm, the low size is 500mm, the cabinet layout and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife, so the width of the cabinet countertop should not be less than 900mm×460mm.

   And the width of the cabinet countertop also determines the width of the sink. Generally, the width of the sink should be the cabinet countertop minus about 100 mm. At the same time, according to the feature that the domestic cabinet countertop size is between 500 mm and 600 mm, you can It is concluded that the reasonable width of the sink is between 430 mm and 480 mm.

What is the width of common cabinet countertops?

   The size of cabinet countertops is generally not fixed. Custom cabinets are designed according to the kitchen space to design the most suitable cabinet countertop width. Many cabinet brands also sell finished cabinets. Commonly used cabinet countertop widths for these finished cabinets are: 1000*460mm, 1150*460mm, 1100*460mm, 1100*480mm, 1150*480mm.

  cabinet sink width

   the cabinet countertop width selection also determines the sink width, the general sink width should be the cabinet countertop minus Go to about 100mm, and according to the width of the domestic cabinet countertop between 500mm and 600mm, the width of the sink can be determined to be between 430mm and 480mm.

  The choice of material for the width of the kitchen countertop

   Now people have more and more requirements for the beauty of kitchen decoration, and the kitchen countertop plays a decisive role. The robustness of stainless steel countertops is recognized by everyone, and their cleaning work is relatively convenient and simple. The color of the countertop of this material is relatively single, and the style in the design and production is relatively monotonous, but its price is relatively close to the people. It has been recognized and favored by consumers. The only disadvantage of this material is that it lacks a certain warm feeling. For those fashionable and young friends, few people will choose this material for the countertop. On the contrary, the countertop made of fireproof board is recognized by people in the market. The countertops of this material are all density boards, and fireproof boards are affixed on both sides, which can play a certain safety factor. Generally, its thickness is within four mm. There are many colors and styles, and people can choose according to their hobbies. The countertop of this material has good fire resistance, and has good corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance for some humid environments. Its shortcomings are that the service life is relatively short, and the price is relatively high.

   After reading the above introduction, I believe you should have some understanding of this issue, and I hope it will be helpful to your life.

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