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What kind of bathroom sink is good

by:KingKonree     2021-04-29

   Compared with the toilet area and bathing area, the use rate of the washstand area is higher. The setting of the sink area should not only be clean and beautiful, but also pay attention to storage, in order to meet the family's various washing requirements. At present, there are many decoration methods for the layout of the washbasin area. The clever and comprehensive use of these decoration methods can make this important functional area more practical and more individual. Now let's talk about what kind of bathroom sink is good?

   separate dry and wet to ensure hygiene

   Generally speaking, dry and wet partitions can separate the washstand area, The toilet area is effectively separated from the shower area, and the sink area can also be separated separately to reduce the pollution of water vapor and mold to the sink area, and to keep the toiletries dry and hygienic. This practice is gradually becoming a new home decoration. trend.

   Move the sink area close to the aisle and design it to be open, which can increase the efficiency of the bathroom, so that families with a large number of people can take a bath at the same time without affecting each other, which is largely convenient To people’s lives.

  The shelf storage is disorderly and orderly

  There are often many corners around the sink area, which can be designed to make them practical storage spaces. For example, the space between the bathroom mirror and the sink, or even above the toilet, can be utilised to increase the storage space. These shelves, which can be large or small, wide or narrow, can be combined at will, making them a good place for sorting and storing according to local conditions. The shelf is the most convenient area in the bathroom. It is used to place commonly used facial cleansers, skin care products, mouthwash cups, razors and other products, which can not only facilitate life, but also keep the products dry. Maybe these shelves look a little messy, but orderly in chaos is also the soul of storage.

The    washbasin was moved to the outside of the bathroom, away from the water vapor in the bath, but also able to take a bath at the same time without affecting each other. The decoration of mirrors and flowers and plants can add vitality and vitality to the bathroom. The well-designed sink area has good storage and warm decoration.

  The basic principles of feng shui decoration in the bathroom

   The bathroom is the second dangerous area in home safety, and it is also the most prone to moisture, mold, and dirt in the home. , Will still be affected by the use of upstairs or downstairs. If there is no sunlight, bacteria and mold will multiply, which is very detrimental to the health of the occupants.

   The most important principle of bathroom decoration. In the old days, don’t remove, add, or move the baths and toilets arbitrarily for the sake of active lines, functional needs, or feng shui issues. Unless you live in a detached house and you can change the baths and toilets upstairs and downstairs together, it is better to move less.

  When decorating the bathroom, as long as you grasp the key points of clean, refreshing, ventilated, bright, etc., it will have a bonus effect on fortune; violation of the above key points will result in negative deductions.

  Toilet location selection

   From the perspective of feng shui, the feng shui of the bathroom is very important. Generally, the bathroom needs to be set in the bad side of the home to suppress the influence of the bad side on the house, and the location setting is also very particular.

   The positive west of the house is the place of fortune for the descendants of the house. If the bathroom is placed in the western half of the house, this will have a negative effect on the fortune of the homeowner’s direct descendants. Affect their study and life, juniors will often be dizzy, stupid and difficult to teach, or rebellious.

   If it is unavoidable, you can change the bathroom door to a 'mirror door

  After reading the above article introduction, I hope it will help you in your life.

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