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What kind of countertop is good for the cabinet? What material is good for the cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-14

  The cabinet is a furniture product we often use in the kitchen. A better cabinet is indispensable for a good cabinet countertop. There are many cabinet countertop materials on the market, so what material is better for the cabinet countertop? Let's take a look at the cabinet countertops and the related situation of the cabinets together.

  What kind of countertop is good for the cabinet? Which material is good for the cabinet?

  Natural stone countertop

   Speaking of natural stone, I believe everyone is decorating This material must not be unfamiliar in the course of the process. Natural stone can be used in many places, even on a large area, such as the ground. What material is good for cabinet countertops? Of course, natural stone is also inseparable from a good material. The texture of this material is very hard and it performs very well in terms of durability, while the natural texture has a different taste and looks particularly beautiful. Most people fancy this material for decoration because it has very prominent advantages, and it is also a natural material that has not been polished by hand. However, because it is produced from natural stones, there is one thing that must not be taken lightly. It is its radioactivity, it is best to do a radiation test when choosing, and to ventilate more after use.

  Artificial stone countertop

  Artificial stone is a new type of material that imitates natural stone. There are deliberate artificial behaviors in its craft, generally It is made of natural ore powder plus some color masterbatches and a new type of resin glue through a very advanced production process. In the production process, the characteristics of this stone will be perfected. For example, it has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and anti-permeability. Some are similar to natural stone, and some are obviously better than natural stone. What material is good for cabinet countertops? In addition to natural stone, countertops made of such artificial stone are also very good. In the kitchens of many residents nowadays, this kind of countertop is often seen in the kitchen. In the later use process, its anti-staining power, waterproof stains and oil stain resistance are absolutely praised by people.

  Stainless steel countertop

  Stainless steel countertop looks a bit cold to the cabinet, but its practicality and stain resistance and easy cleaning will definitely warm the user's heart. What kind of material is the cabinet countertop? Of course, it also includes stainless steel. This material looks concise and stylish for countertops. It won't lose the grade, and it will also find it super convenient to use.

  Cabinet purchase precautions

  Drawer anti-slip mat

   Add a layer of anti-slip mat to the bottom of the drawer to avoid The sliding of items in the drawer causes noise because the drawer is pushed and pulled, which not only protects the bottom of the drawer, but is also easy to clean.

  The countertop has a water storage ditch and a dark drain ditch

   can protect the cabinet, prevent water from flowing to the door panel, and prolong the service life of the cabinet.

  Safety lock

  The drawer will be automatically locked when it is closed, which can prevent children from contacting equipment that can easily cause injury.

   Glass door frame shock-proof and dust-proof sealing tape

   Install a shock-proof and dust-proof sealing tape on the inner side of the aluminum frame glass door, so that the glass door will be stressed when it is hit hard Buffer, not easy to break, and it is not easy to get dust inside the glass.

   cabinet brand recommendation

  1, Kebao. Boloni cabinet

   Kebao is a Sino-Italian joint venture that is developing cabinets For more than ten years, we have introduced a lot of advanced technology and raw materials from abroad, and integrated the culture of living in the kitchen into production. Both the style and the quality of the cabinet are well recognized by consumers.

  2, Gold Kitchen Cabinet

   Gold Kitchen Cabinet has a history of about 20 years since its establishment. It is a well-known trademark in Xiamen, and it is also a top ten model brand for cabinet quality and after-sales service. The overall cabinet material has various shrunken styles, and the scale of production is still expanding. I believe it will develop better in the future.

  3, Oupai cabinet

   Oupai is a well-known trademark in Guangzhou. As early as 1994, Oupai took the lead in proposing the concept of the overall kitchen, which can be said to be the forerunner of the overall cabinet. With more than ten years of development, Oupai has established a leading position in the industry, and its products are also award-winning, and it is also a well-known overall cabinet brand at home and abroad.

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