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What kind of countertop is good for the whole cabinet? What material is good for the whole cabinet?

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

  The whole cabinet countertop is a product we often use in the kitchen. There are many integrated cabinet countertops on the market, so what is better for integrated cabinet countertops, and what material is better for integrated cabinet countertops. Let's take a look at the relevant situation of integrated cabinet countertops.

  What kind of countertop is the whole cabinet?


  The pioneer of artificial stone countertops

  Star Rong

  A sub-brand under the Korean Samsung brand

  Dupont DuPont

   (In 1802, one of the world's top 500 companies, global One of the larger pesticide chemical and energy group, large enterprise group, DuPont China Group Co., Ltd.)

  中讯 CXUN

   (Famous brand in Guangdong Province, Famous brand in Guangdong Province, large modern Enterprise, one of the more large-scale industrial surface material production bases, Guangdong Zhongxun New Material Co., Ltd.)

  What kind of material is the whole cabinet countertop?

  一The advantages of stainless steel countertops and cabinet countertops: (1) The stainless steel countertops do not have the defect of fading, no matter how long they are used, the secondary recycling value is also relatively high; (2) The stainless steel countertops are absolutely environmentally friendly and will not cause radiation trouble; (3) ) In addition, the integrated seamless connection of the basin and countertops can prevent the breeding of bacteria; (4)) The performance of fire resistance, heat resistance and oil stain resistance is better. It does not require special maintenance and cleaning. It is also very convenient for the shortcomings of stainless steel countertops and cabinet countertops.

  Second, the characteristics of quartz stone countertops: (1) Quartz stone is not only natural in pattern, beautiful and beautiful; (2) It has a hard texture, and it is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, and high temperature resistant for kitchens. , Oil resistance, can be described as five poisons; (3) The price of quartz stone matches some high-end solid wood cabinet countertops, usually a 600mm×2000mm quartz stone price is more than 600 yuan.

   Third, the advantages of artificial stone countertops cabinet countertops: (1) It also has a variety of options in terms of color. In addition, when the artificial stone surface has scratches, it can be refurbished by polishing; (2) The surface of the artificial stone countertop is smooth and has no pores, so the oily sewage stains are not easy to penetrate into it; (3) It can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and the adhesive of the same material will bond the two pieces together and polish them together.

How to choose    overall cabinet countertop

  1. Pay attention to the material of the plate and whether it is strong. Consult the door panel and cabinet body plate material to estimate the life of the kitchen cabinet.

  2, look at the service and price. 'A penny, a share of goods' can be described as an eternal truth. The price of a brand product is determined by its quality and also guaranteed by after-sales service. Manufacturers who sell counterfeit, shoddy, and low-priced products will never dare to provide after-sales service guarantee. The terms of after-sales service are the embodiment of the manufacturer's confidence in their products and an important criterion for testing their quality.

  3. Cabinet countertop size: When purchasing cabinet countertops, we must first understand some of the cabinet countertop sizes, so that we can design and purchase suitable cabinet countertops.


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