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What kind of wash basin is better? Tips for choosing a wash basin

by:KingKonree     2021-07-05

The wash basin is one of the essential sanitary ware products in every family. For many owners who have just renovated the house, they may not know the wash basin, do not know how the wash basin is better, and do not know how to choose it. Buy, then the editor below will introduce what kind of wash basin is better and what are the techniques for buying wash basins. Let’s take a look!

What kind of wash basin is better

1. Tempered glass

The wash basin made of tempered glass is relatively simple, beautiful, and has a strong sense of art, but the wash basin of tempered glass is not strong enough, and hard objects will be damaged if hit. Users who have children at home are not recommended to use this kind of wash basin.

2. Ceramic wash basin

Ceramic wash basin has strong Chinese characteristics and is very elegant. It is loved by many young people, but pay attention to its size when buying. , The wall thickness and whether there are cracks, ceramic wash basins are also fragile, so be careful when using them.

3. Wall cabinet-style wash basins

The cabinet-style wash basins have wall cabinets above and below. Inside the cabinets, you can put a lot of toiletries and women's skin care products, which are suitable for many At home, in daily life, closet-type wash basins should not get wet. Once they get wet for a long time, they will easily deform.

4. European-style washbasins

European-style washbasins are relatively high-end and luxurious, and the price is relatively higher than others. Many villas and some larger users choose cabinets Style wash basin.

Wash basin purchase skills

1. Take a closer look

Look carefully at the quality of the hand basin, the surface of the good hand basin is bright, and there will be no spots or scratches. Wait, it is better to rinse. Observe the surface of the wash basin under strong light. It is better if there are few small trachoma and pitting on the surface.

2. Touching

Gently touch the surface of the wash basin with your hand, you can buy it if it feels fine and flat, while the back of the wash basin has a fine friction feeling of 'sand' .

3. Water absorption rate

Ceramic products have the ability to absorb and penetrate water, and will expand after absorbing water. The glaze on the surface will crack due to the expansion, which will easily remove the dirt and water in the water. The peculiar smell is inhaled into the ceramic, and after a long time of use, it will produce unremovable peculiar smell.

The editor summarizes: The above is about what kind of wash basin is better and the relevant content of wash basin purchase skills. The above wash basins have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own home improvement style and The actual economic situation to purchase, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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