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What material is good for cabinet countertops? Introduction to various cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-18

   The kitchen is the center of supplying food for a day. The kitchen countertops are a very important step in the decoration of the kitchen. When choosing the cabinet countertops, they must be clean and tidy. The most important thing is high temperature resistance. Then, what material is the cabinet countertop? ? What are the characteristics of various cabinet countertops? Let's briefly understand.

  What kind of material is the cabinet countertop?

   First: The advantages of refractory board countertops: bright color, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, good People have a brand-new feeling, and the cabinet countertops are of the same height, supplemented by the built-in gas stove, which adds to the sense of beauty. The price is generally accepted by ordinary consumers from 200 yuan to 500 yuan per linear meter.

   Disadvantages: The table surface is easily corroded by water and moisture. Improper use can cause degumming, deformation, and expansion of the substrate.

  Second: Marble countertop

   Advantages: Natural stone has a very beautiful texture, hard texture, excellent scratch resistance, good wear resistance; low cost, different colors , The most commonly used ones are only a few hundred yuan per meter per meter, which is a kind of economical countertop material. The price of high-end natural stone countertops is also around 1,000 yuan.

   Disadvantages: the two pieces of splicing cannot be integrated, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; the natural stone has a high density and needs strong cabinet support. Although it is more than rigid, it is not flexible enough. If it is hit hard, cracks will occur. It is difficult to repair, and some invisible natural cracks will also rupture when the temperature changes sharply.

   Third: Quartz stone countertops

   Advantages: Quartz stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has strong functions such as impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance. The treatment of deformation, bonding, turning and other parts is unique; because there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so it has strong anti-fouling ability; it can be seamlessly bonded at any length. After the blocks are bonded, they are polished and become a whole body.

   Disadvantages: the price is higher. Even if it is seamless artificial stone, because of its different processing technology, the quality is divided into three or six or nine. Therefore, in the selection, you must choose a brand with a better reputation and a guaranteed service.

  Fourth: Acrylic tabletop

  The advantages are: seamless splicing, changeable shape, diverse and soft colors, and easy to repair problems. After using it for too long, it can be bright as new after re-polishing.

The disadvantage of    is that the hardness is slightly worse than that of quartz stone. If rough objects rub on the table surface, it is easy to destroy the brightness of the table surface. The high temperature resistance of composite acrylic is about 90 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of pure acrylic is 120 degrees. But do not touch overheated objects for a long time.

  The standard of cabinet countertop size

   The first standard that should be followed is the length. A single countertop cannot exceed 3 meters (except in special circumstances). If it exceeds, it should be divided into sections and then spliced. , The standard width of the countertop of general cabinets is 550 and 600 mm, and the thickness is 12.7 mm and 27 mm.

  The front-end line design of cabinet countertops mainly includes straight edges (including thickened straight edges), beveled edges, small beveled edges, large rounded edges, small rounded edges, straight edged waterproof lines, and small rounded edge waterproof lines. , Small beveled edge waterproof line (8 types); and the standard height of the water retaining edge behind the cabinet is 50 mm.

  Stainless steel cabinet countertop price

   As there are many types of stainless steel in the market, the price of stainless steel cabinet countertops made of different types of stainless steel is naturally different. After market research and development At present, the price of stainless steel cabinet countertops in most cities is calculated in linear meters, and the lowest price per linear meter is also a few hundred yuan.

   At present, the price of stainless steel cabinet countertops on the market in our country is generally more than 1,000 yuan and below 4,000 yuan, because most of the cabinets are customized, and the type of cabinet countertops can be selected by yourself, so When customizing cabinets, consumers must consult in detail on all aspects of information, including the price of stainless steel cabinet countertops, before placing an order.

Although    stainless steel cabinets have many advantages, the necessary maintenance is also required during the use process. Users should also learn more about the maintenance methods of stainless steel cabinet countertops.

Which is the best manufacturer of cabinet countertops

  Guangdong Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd., kitchen cabinets-top ten brands of integrated kitchens, famous brands in Guangdong Province, China environmental label certification products, China Top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises, drafting unit of residential kitchen standards, vice chairman unit of China Kitchen Furniture Professional Committee, large-scale professional enterprise integrating Ru0026D/production/sales/service.

  Guangdong Jiajule Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. It is a professional cabinet brand enterprise integrating Ru0026D, design, production, sales and service. The company has built an industrial park of 200,000 square meters and has a complete set of professional equipment imported from Germany. It has an annual production capacity of 150,000 sets of wardrobes.

   Relying on the Jiajule Kitchen Business School and the Kitchen Design Institute, Jiajule has grown steadily for more than 20 years, and has successively obtained more than 100 national patents, and its products have won many industries and countries This award is the national 'Basic Parameters of Residential Kitchen and Related Equipment' and 'Integrated Cabinet Service Specifications'. It has won the title of China's Well-known Trademark, National High-tech Enterprise, and Top Ten Enterprises in the Cabinet Industry. It is a cabinet specialty of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. The executive chairman unit of the committee, the first chairman unit of the Guangdong Cabinet Chamber of Commerce, and the honorary chairman unit of the Dongguan Dalingshan Family Association.

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