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What material is good for the kitchen countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-28

   Kitchen countertops are places where we often touch food directly. When we buy, we think about choosing a better product. There are many kitchen countertops on the market, so what materials are better for kitchen countertops? , How much is the price of kitchen countertops and how to calculate the price of kitchen countertops, let's take a look at the relevant situation of kitchen countertops together.

  What kind of material is the kitchen countertop?

  Easy to clean and antibacterial stainless steel countertop

   will often be used in the decoration process Stainless steel material, in fact, stainless steel can not only be used for various pipes, but also a very economical and practical kitchen countertop material. Its advantages can be exerted to the extreme when making countertops. For example, it has high hardness, high temperature resistance, long service life, and is shiny and easy to clean. If the kitchen countertop is not cleaned up, it is likely to become a breeding ground for various bacteria. Among all countertop materials, stainless steel countertops can be said to be the most antibacterial. What kind of material is good for the kitchen countertop? If you like to cook and stir-fry, but don't like to take care of the countertop, you might as well choose this metallic stainless steel material.

  Environmentally friendly and healthy artificial stone countertops

  Artificial stone is relative to the natural stone in nature. Its manufacturing process is very advanced. It can be said that the essence is taken to remove the dross. An artificial process. General natural stone is unavoidable to have radiation pollution, but artificial stone can be bought with confidence, because it is very healthy and environmentally friendly, without any radiation pollution, and it is beautiful, has a wealth of colors to choose from, and is used for countertops. At that time, patterns can be spliced u200bu200bwell, and even seamless splicing can be achieved. What kind of stone is good for kitchen countertops is precisely because its environmental protection advantages are far stronger than natural stone. People like to use artificial stone instead of natural stone to make kitchen countertops.

  High density and good antibacterial granite countertops

   Because marble has very tiny pores, it will become a hiding place for kitchen dirt, so It is less used to make kitchen countertops. What material is good for kitchen countertops? Granite is a kind of natural stone that is more suitable for countertops than marble. It has a relatively high density, good hardness, and has very brilliant colors. It is an excellent countertop decoration material and also has a very good quality. Antibacterial, can reduce the breeding of kitchen dirt.

How much is the price of    kitchen countertops

  1, the price of artificial stone cabinet countertops:

   artificial stone countertops are currently the most expensive on the market A common cabinet countertop material is made by mixing unsaturated polyester resin with fillers and pigments, adding a small amount of initiator, and going through certain processing procedures. Its advantages are that the surface is smooth and has no pores, is stain-resistant, and is easy to clean and take care of. Bright and colorful, the texture is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, compression-resistant, impact-resistant, and anti-permeation. It is an excellent tabletop material. The price will vary between domestic and imported. Domestic seamless artificial stone is priced from 1,200 to 1,500 yuan per linear meter, and imported ones are sold for 2,100 to 2,900 yuan per linear meter.

  2, the price of natural stone cabinet countertops:

  Natural stone generally has two kinds of marble and granite. Among them, the hardness of granite is higher than that of marble. It is used for kitchen countertops. Very suitable. The pattern of pure natural stone is harmonious and beautiful, the luster is softer, the texture is ever-changing, and there is a feeling of returning to nature. Its texture is hard, anti-scratch performance is outstanding, and abrasion resistance is relatively good. The common price is about 200 yuan per meter, which is a relatively economical and affordable countertop material.

  3, the price of fireproof board cabinet countertops:

   Compared with natural stone, fireproof board is more flexible and will not crack due to heavy blows. Its maintenance and maintenance are very good. easy. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, pollution prevention, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning. The price of fireproof board cabinet countertops is generally 200 yuan to 500 yuan per linear meter, which is acceptable to ordinary consumers.

  How to calculate the price of cabinet countertops

   The price calculation of cabinet countertops is very simple. If you just buy a simple cabinet without adding any other cabinets, then Multiply the countertop area of u200bu200bthe dark turn cabinet by the unit price. If it is related to the cabinet body, there are two ways.

  1) Linear meter calculation method

   The cabinets on the market now mainly adopt linear meter calculation, which is not a legal unit of measurement, but in certain A customary method of length measurement for calculating price in the engineering field. Taking a kitchen of about 8 square meters, the cabinets are about 3 meters long, there are three sets of base cabinets and two sets of wall cabinets, let’s look at the price of linear rice: unit linear rice price × 3 meters, if 2000 yuan / linear meter, then 3 The price of Yanmi is 6000 yuan.

  2) Cabinet pricing method

   Cabinet pricing method In addition to linear meter pricing, there is another pricing method, that is cabinet pricing. Take the above example as an example, an 8 square meter The kitchen is about 3 meters long, and the cabinets are about 3 meters long. There are three sets of base cabinets and two sets of wall cabinets, that is, the price of three sets of base cabinets + the price of two sets of wall cabinets.

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