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What material is good for the whole cabinet countertop? How to choose the whole cabinet countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

   There are many materials for the whole cabinet countertop, so what material is better for the whole cabinet countertop? What should we pay attention to when choosing the whole cabinet countertop? What should we pay attention to when choosing the whole cabinet countertop? Let's get to know the relevant situation of the whole cabinet countertop.

  Which material is good for the overall cabinet countertop

  Stainless steel overall cabinet

   (1) The stainless steel countertop does not have the defect of fading regardless of use It’s still bright for a long time, and the value of secondary recycling is relatively high;

  (2) The stainless steel countertop material is absolutely environmentally friendly and will not cause radiation trouble;

  (3) In addition, the basin and countertop are integrated Chemical seamless connection can prevent the breeding of bacteria.

  The natural stone of the whole cabinet countertop

   The natural stone countertop of the whole cabinet contains granite and marble. Among them, the density of natural stone is relatively large and the texture is hard. , The anti-scratch performance is very outstanding, the abrasion resistance is good, and the texture is very beautiful, but the price of high-grade natural stone countertops is relatively high.

  Artificial stone for overall cabinet countertops

  Artificial stone countertops are made of natural ore powder, masterbatch, acrylic resin glue, processed by high temperature and high pressure, and have uniform texture. No pores, it is recognized by the market as the most suitable panel material for modern integrated cabinet countertops. The artificial stone countertops are wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, integrally shaped, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. They have strong stain resistance because there are no pores on the surface, and oil and water stains cannot easily penetrate into it.

  How to choose the whole cabinet countertop

  One, there is particularity in the quotation table

   Careful consumers will definitely find different manufacturers , The charging standards for custom-made cabinets are different. In the quotation of some manufacturers, in addition to the equipment such as water basins and stoves, which must be equipped by consumers themselves, it also includes all other processes, including the slide rails used for the basket, the handle of the cabinet door and the hardware hinges. Some manufacturers only quote the basic quotation for the cabinets. If they want to make additional drawers or install the water basin by the manufacturer, they will have to charge an additional fee.

   Therefore, you must ask about the charging standards before ordering. Don't just choose the 'superficial' quotation. You must ask if there are additional charging items to avoid trouble in the future.

  Second, material selection

   When selecting   , consider the characteristics of the plate material of the whole cabinet and the material characteristics of the cabinet door, and make a good choice of what kind of base material should be used for the kitchen cabinet , Is the key to the quality of kitchen cabinets, and also the decisive factor of price difference. When consumers order kitchen cabinets, they must indicate what base material they use. At present, the kitchen cabinets in the market mainly use four types of substrates: particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, stamen board, and log. There are three kinds of particle board, medium fiber board and large core board. The raw materials and processes used are different, and the quality and price are very different. The latter can differ by 3 to 5 times.

  3. Pay attention to the identification of the cabinet brand

   The design concept of the whole cabinet in Europe guides the trend of the whole cabinet in the world, so many manufacturers have adopted foreign names and adopted blinding publicity and Marketing, which is hyped up as German, Italian technology or international cabinet brands, is actually authentic local products and local products, and has nothing to do with the quality of cabinet brands in advanced countries in Germany and Italy; it is purely a marketing method playing with concepts. It makes you confused for a while and mistakenly believe that foreign goods are expensive.

   When purchasing, users should clearly see the quality assurance and the place of origin, and don’t be slapped with a foreign name and use it as a high-end product.

  The collocation knowledge of the overall kitchen countertop

  1. The collocation of style. Pay attention to the style definition of the overall kitchen cabinet, choose appropriate lamps, storage, kitchenware, dining table and chairs to match, so as not to make the overall space appear abrupt.

  2, the choice of color. Once the color of the kitchen cabinet is selected, it will establish the main color of the overall space, so pay attention to matching the color of the countertop, wall, floor, and ceiling.

  3. Furnishings matching and space are abundant. The overall kitchen cabinets and wall shelves will form multiple small spaces. If you can pay attention to the matching of small furnishings or practical furnishings, the space matching will be more substantial.


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