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What's in the creative sink

by:KingKonree     2021-04-30

   There is a sink in every bathroom decoration design. The role of the sink is not limited to washing hands. We usually use the sink when washing our faces and brushing teeth. This shows the importance of the sink, and a creative sink can also improve the owner's quality of life. Want to make your sink unique and unforgettable? Let's take a look at the creative washstand design.

   This creative washstand design uses special glass to integrate the washstand and the aquarium, which is very creative. The upper cover can be freely assembled and unloaded, which is practical. At the same time, a water circulation system is also designed inside the fish tank, which is a relatively high-end creative design! This kind of design is very creative, breaking the convention that only the living room can put aquariums, the original sink can also be full of life!

  The special feature of this creative sink is that it has a strong three-dimensional effect. The bottom of the sink is not integrated with the countertop, but independent. This design has a certain impact on the vision. The white appearance and the bottom of the light blue broken pattern are very textured. When the sink is filled with water, it has a more visual sense under the refraction of light.

   There is not much highlight in the design of this creative sink, but the interior of the sink has a different structure. The interior of the sink is inclined at 30°, and the drain pipe is designed on the side of the sink. The design of this independent washbasin is simple and practical, and at the same time more individual, which is more suitable for business people.

   The design of this creative washbasin is more atmospheric and exquisite. The design of two side-by-side gray rectangular washbasins is simple and steady. The internal line design of the washbasin is natural and smooth, and the use of reflective materials is more textured under the effect of light refraction. The large pebbles under the sink add a touch of the fun of playing in the country's creeks.

  After reading the introduction of the above article, I hope it will help you in your life.

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