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What's the order of appearance of facial wrinkles?

by:KingKonree     2020-07-20
How to take good care of the skin? Pay attention to wash water temperature Some people are lazy, too lazy to go get some hot water so they use cold water to wash the face directly; some people have oily skin, so they use very hot water. In fact, the most suitable water to wash face should be warm, not too cold nor too hot. This will ensure that the pores are fully open without loosing too much the skin's natural moisturizing oil. Add something in the water Add a little salt in the basin. It plays more than sterilization, but also gets rid of the fat of our faces, especially oily skin. Long-term use can clear off the oil of the face so that the skin is less likely to suffer acne breakouts. If your face is dry skin, you may add a little honey in your basin. When washing the face, gently pat your face, and long-term use can make your skin 10 years younger, your dry skin will gradually disappear. Put a little vinegar in your basin, which can make your skin become smooth and elastic, because the vinegar can change the pH of our skin, and long-term use can prevent acne http://www.beddingsets.mobi/ . If you are a white-collar woman working at the computer, add a little green tea in the water can effectively resist radiation. Use what to wash your face When washing your face, no matter what kind of facial cleanser http://www.beddingsets.mobi/ you use, you should not use too much; you don't need to consume a lot if it is a good cleanser. Before applying to the face, put the facial cleanser in the palm of the hand and make it fully bubbled. Many people forget this step, but it is the most important one. Because if the cleanser is not fully foaming, it not only cannot perform good cleaning effect, but may be left in the pores and cause acne. The more bubble the better. But do not think rich foam cleanser is always good, fake or inferior cleanser can also produce rich foam. Apply the foam on the face and gently massage in the clockwise direction. After washing away the foam, don't scrub your skin heavily with a towel as many women are afraid of not cleaning thoroughly. For your delicate skin, you'd better press gently with a wet towel so as not to hurt the skin. http://www.beddingsets.mobi/ Do you think it's completed? Not yet! Look in the mirror to check if there's residual cleanser around the hairline. This step is often overlooked; we often see some women who have acnes at the hairline, in fact, they ignore this step. Finally, pat some cold water on the face, and then cover your face with a cold wetted towel for a promotion of facial blood circulation, which can also shrink the pores.
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