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What Should I Know Before Buying A Bathtub?

What Should I Know Before Buying A Bathtub?


For many people, the experience of relaxing in a bathtub, reading a book and taking a hot bath, especially in the long winter, is an ultimate experience, but buying a bathtub can be fraught and stressful. Nowadays, there is a series of dazzling shapes, sizes, and materials of the bathtub at the market, but this is the decision you want to make right. So there are some things you need to know about the bathtub before making the buying decision to help you choose the right bathtub.


Main points of this article

1. How do you plan to use your bathtub?

2. How much space do you have?

3. Are there any special installation considerations?

4. Tub height and depth


How do you plan to use your bathtub?

This answer determines whether a cheap, ordinary bathtub is enough, or you need a tub more luxurious. A standard soaking tub is only filled with water, while Whirlpool or air bathtub has a jet or channel to provide massage air.

How much space do you have?

Before falling in love with a particular type of tub, you need to know what your bathroom can accommodate. A standard tub is typically 150 cm long, 50 cm wide, and 60cm deep, but many other sizes and shapes are available. To determine how large the tub can be, take careful measurements of your bathroom. Make a note of where the drain is located on the floor to make sure it works with your chosen tub's design. Also, some bathtubs don't allow for the installation of a shower, so check before buying if that's a must-have feature for your family.


Are there any special installation considerations?

If you're considering a jetted bathtub, you'll need to plan for the pump, air switch, and electric timer. Many pumps fit within the tub unit, but some manufacturers have remote-location pumps that can be placed up to 30cm from the bathtub and hidden in a closet or vanity cabinet. The air switch, which is nonelectric, may be located on the tub unit. Plan on installing the electric timer a safe distance—at least 30cm—away from the tub to satisfy personal requirements



Tub’s height and depth

First of all, consider the height of the bathtub relative to the floor. A plug-in bathtub can be installed on the floor, which makes it easier to step in and save space. On the other hand, a more advanced bathtub surround may require a raised tub. There must be a plan before you make the final decision. Second, consider the depth of the bathtub. For example, deeper bathtubs suitable for soaking are typically 45cm to 55cm deep, depending on their style.



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