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What Size Bathtub Do I Need?


If we are going to install a bathtub in our bathroom, the size of the bathtub is a big concern, especially for small families. If you want to have a comfortable bathing experience with a bathtub, it is a hindrance to the narrowness of the bathroom space. In fact, through reasonable planning, small-sized houses can still be installed with bathtubs. In addition to the bathroom space, there are factors such as the average height and preference of the family. Let's talk about the size of the bathtub in detail.


The article will expand from the following points.

1. What factors should be considered when deciding on the size of the bathtub?

2. What are the sizes of common bathtubs?

3. Dimensions of bathtubs of different shapes.


1. What factors should be considered when deciding on the size of the bathtub?

Generally speaking, the full water capacity is around 230-320L. There is no shoulder in the water when entering the bath. The bathtub is too small, people are uncomfortable in it, and when they are too big, there is a feeling of floating instability. The height of the water outlet determines the height of the water capacity. If the bathroom is not long enough, you should choose a bathtub with a larger width or a deeper depth to ensure that the bathtub has sufficient water.

(1)The smallest size of the bathtub

Due to the current price madness, the space of the houses that people buy is getting smaller and smaller. The most popular among friends is the small-sized house. The small-sized house decoration is considering the size of the bathtub. Due to the small space and large size, we can not let go, the too-small size of the bathtub has no practical value, in fact, the small apartment bathroom can choose a rectangular shape bathtub. Put them on the longitudinal wall of the bathroom. The design length takes into account the height of the person and the sense of space in the room. The smallest size can be designed at 1.3 meters. Their width is seventy centimeters. The occupied space is small and plays a major role.

(2)Bathtub size round bathtub

Usually, the best selling on the market is the round bathtub, which is usually 1.5-1.8 meters in diameter. The space required is relatively large, and it is totally unsuitable for a general small-sized house. They mainly appear in apartments or villas. If your bathroom is large enough, you can make around bathtub with a diameter of 2 meters. When a person sits inside, is there a feeling in the sea?

(3)Scalloped bathtub in the size of the bathtub

 Have you seen fan-shaped bathtubs? Their appearance is a bit like a fan. They are mainly installed at an angular position between the two walls. Small-sized houses are more suitable. They are designed to resemble a round bathtub, which is sized to fit the diameter. The fan-shaped bathtub can be as small as 1.2 meters in diameter. The internal structure is a small stool design, sitting inside to enjoy the warmth of hot water.


2. What are the sizes of common bathtubs?

What are the common bathtub size specifications?

First, the type, length, width and height of the bathtub

(1) Ordinary bathtub size: Length: 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700 mm; Width: 700~900mm Height: 355~518mm

(2)the size of the bubble bath: 1100, 700, 475 (sitting 310mm)

(3) the size of the Jacuzzi: 1500,800~900,470

(4) double bathtub size: 1700~2000, 1100~1800, 580~800


3. Dimensions of bathtubs of different shapes.

The standard size of bathtubs of different shapes is as follows

1, square bathtub size

(1) Square bathtub length

The length of the square bathtub is basically the same: 1 meter 5, 1 meter 6, 1 meter 7, 1 meter 8, 1 meter 9, but most of the length is 1 meter, which is the average height of most Chinese people.

(2) square bathtub width

The width of the square bathtub is basically: 0.7m, 0.75m, 0.8m, 0.85m, 0.9m. It is rare, and the most used is 0.8m.

(3) the height of the square bathtub

The height of the square bathtub is basically between 0.58 meters and 0.9 meters and is common at 0.7 meters.

2, the size of the round bathtub

Round bathtubs are generally large, with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 meters. Round bathtubs consume a lot of water and occupy a large area, mostly used in villas. The triangular bathtub is generally used less, and there are some irregularly shaped bathtubs that are used in large bathrooms and are rarely used by the family.

3, oval bathtub size

Most of the oval bathtubs are about the same size as the squares. There is only one bathtub with a length of fewer than 1 m4. The height is relatively high. The wood is the main one, and the name is changed. It is called a bathtub.

Ordinary family bathtubs must be at least 1500mm in length. The size of the bathtub is generally the size of the bathtub. The length of the bathtub is generally from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters. The conventional size is 1600*750 or 1700*750, and the depth is between 50 and 70 centimeters. However, the actual size may be reduced by 10 -20 cm. The smallest bathtub is 120 cm long and is mainly used by children.





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