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When a house is being designed there are reasons

by:KingKonree     2020-08-13

1./ Floor tiles within a bathroom need to be non-slip. Although this is very often thought about if you place laminate within a large bathroom there is the potential for that becoming slippy when a person gets out of the bath or shower.

2./ Tiling with in a bathroom is also preferred and probably for an obvious reason. It is of course waterproof and there is such a wide choice in tiles available that there is a design and pattern to suit everyones taste. Tiles can be large or small and these days do not need to follow a certain pattern. However, if you are planning the bathroom walls yourself try and get a pattern that can broken and does not need to follow a strict pattern. It can seem like a good idea to get a pretty pattern or shape but once you lose that pattern just be one tile it can throw the whole design out.

For that reason, you can get tiles that are slightly patterned. You might want to decorate a whole wall with the same tile, but try and break up the colour with some form of pattern or even random tile.

3./ Go for the very wipe easy as the name suggests, when water splashes there is a need to keep the tiles clean and it is for this reason why wall paper is not often used within a bathroom as it can be prone to condensation and become damp and there is always for it to go mouldy.

4./ Big tiles that are light in colour can really make a room look bright and breezy and light.

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