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When Arscott Plumbing first came on to the scene

by:KingKonree     2020-07-24
Now over 10 years down the track Arscott Plumbing has become a beacon of light in the Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drains field. It is a very outdated belief that a plumber should only be called when you have a problem such as a burst pipe or blocked drains in your home. The people that still think that way are paying the cost of this outdated mentality. Arscott Plumbing has changed this mentality by thousands of families in Melbourne by establishing a close long lasting relationship with them and ensuring that all aspects of their domestic or commercial plumbing needs are dealt with fast and cost effectively, any time of the day. Let me share a story with you to demonstrate to you that prevention is better and far cheaper compared to neglect and ignorance. Imagine this - A while back I discovered a slight stain on my basin and noticed that it came from my Tap fitting. As it did not look bad I did nothing about it until the basin fell off the wall. YES the basin fell off the wall. What was going on behind the scene is something that I could never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined. The slight leak that I was seeing was actually a bigger leak beneath the Basin and was flowing into my wall cavity. There it started to do its damage to the frame of my house. Yes it had been going for a while before I lost the basin but, now get this, I could have stopped that by getting the leak sorted early, instead it cost me a lot more to not only stop the leak but also do the repair to the wall and floor. I grant you it was not a burst pipe or blocked drains but in the end a $2.50 part forced me to call an Emergency Plumber (Arscott Plumbing) to get the mess sorted out. I share this with you to demonstrate that whilst it is good to have such great people on call as the Emergency Plumbers available from Arscott Plumbing, in the long run I would have saved myself a lot of Time, Money and grief had I been using the maintenance programs from Arscott Plumbing or at least call their professional plumbers when I first discovered the leak. You might not like calling a plumber or even like paying for maintenance calls but let me just give you one more point that really made me angry about the whole thing. I was wasting thousands of litres of water, that I did not see running into my wall, that could have been saved. These days we seem to forget just how important our water is, until we listen to the news. Now that I have established the friendly relationship with Arscott Plumbing, like so many other families around Melbourne, I will be able to sleep better knowing that should anything happen I can call them, any time of the day or night. With the professionals that will answer my call and assist me I also know that any costly, expensive repairs are now a thing of the past. Do not make the same mistake by thinking that a Plumber should only be called when you have blocked drains, burst pipes, no hot water or overflowing toilets. These situations should never arrive if you have the great relationship I now have with my Arscott Plumbing Team. I have paid dearly for this lesson and trust that you do not have to go down this track to learn your lesson. Lets be honest not all of us could, safely and successfully change a tap washer or seal a leaking tap fitting, I know that I do not even have the tools to do it. The last thing I want to do is spend time educating myself and buying the correct tools to fix any plumbing issue, around the house, when I can simply pick up the phone and get a professional to do it an less time and get it sorted CORRECTLY. Here is another benefit I discovered whilst using Arscott Plumbing, by sticking to one great company, they actually got to know my places pluming condition which assisted them in maintaining it better for me. Now they come, if I need them and also give all my pipe fittings and tap ware a quick inspection to ensure everything is OK and I can tell you that this action alone gives me great piece of mind in knowing everything is OK and safe in my household.
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