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When finding a quote for your custom kitchen countertop

by:KingKonree     2020-08-31

First of all take a good size piece of paper. I'd recommend A4 as it is easier to scan or fax. Draw a large box in the approximate shape of your kitchen to fill most of the page. Remember, clarity is everything - so work big!

Next decide on what units to use. I'd really recommend using millimeters as a lot of companies use computers to generate elements of their quotation, and inches just aren't used very much in the computer world. This may present a little bit of a sorepoint for die-hard users of imperial measurement, but again clarity is the goal here: and the young man picking up the sheet to base his quote on is unlikely to be able to think in inches.

Next, with a big tape measure (or even a laser measuring device!) measure the dimensions of the walls and clearly mark them on the corresponding part of your diagram. measure the placement of the windows and the doors (When measuring doors and windows the trim is considered part of the door or window). Draw the way the door swings so that any placement of countertops or cabinets do not interfere with access. Mark how high windows are from the floor.

If you are replacing your cabinets, do not include current cabinets or furniture such as kitchen tables in your measurements. However, take the measurements of any tables or other furniture you want to include in your new kitchen and give them to us on a separate piece of paper. If possible, send us photographs of these items. Their placement in the new kitchen is part of the design process.

Of critical importance of course is the placement of sinks and oven. I am assuming here that you are not completely overhauling your kitchen, in which case measure the exact location of all the oven and sink fittings. Even if you are replacing the sinks, mark their locations accurately and their dimensions. you'll still have to plumb everything in!

Next look around where you want your kitchen countertops to go (or where they already are if you are doing a quick replacement). Have a look for obstructions and obstacles (for example electrical outlets, or central heating, or pipes). Again measure these and mark them clearly on the diagram.

You now have a working diagram of your kitchen, and we can set about measuring your worktops. Mark where you want your worktops to go and then go back with your tape measure to measure their shape and dimensions.

And there you are, just about there. All you have to do now is check all your measurements for accuracy, and get in contact with your granite supplier who will only be more than happy to give you a free quotation.

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