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When it comes to bath remodeling in Phoenix, luxury

by:KingKonree     2020-07-14
The following are popular choices for today's bathroom remodeling in Phoenix. These items represent attractive options for you and the market. Showers. Bigger is better when it comes to new showers. And, if there's not enough space for a nice, airy walk-in shower, many homeowners are doing away with the bathtub. The shower is a major factor in bath remodeling in Phoenix to create a spa-like feel. In fact, many bath remodels are taking the European approach. Removing some or all of the shower walls and tiling the entire area is an attractive option. With the proper drainage, this takes 'open and airy' to the highest level. Tubs.Jacuzzis used to be all the rage recently. But many homeowners are opting for soaking tubs instead. Bath remodeling in Phoenix still includes the tub, but in a more peaceful, relaxing context. In addition, many homeowners want to include grab bars for safety in both shower and bathtub areas. But, these aren't your 'nursing home' variety. Today's grab bars are well designed and visually appealing. When done right, they blend into the bath design and enhance it rather than detract from it. Steam Rooms. The ultimate in luxury, you can't beat a steam bath after a long day at work. However, this upgrade to bath remodeling in Phoenix takes some expert advice and construction. Typical components a sloping ceiling to drain condensation, seat, floor drain, tile or marble surfaces and vapor-tight door. Toilets. Another trend in bath remodeling in Phoenix is to make the toilet more private. Contractors do this by walling off the toilet or even making a separate room. An option available many homeowners don't consider is moving things around. With today's PVC pipes, nothing is fixed in one place. Even a toilet can be moved to another location easily and affordably. Vanities. Double sinks is the way to go in bath remodeling in Phoenix, especially if two people are sharing the same bathroom. Vessel sinks are popular sink models and add interest and beauty to any bathroom. Other stylish options include faucets protruding from the wall and sinks with legs. Storage Spaces. Just like any other area of the home, you want ample storage. But, the space must be customized to what you'll be storing. For example, small drawers with dividers work great in the bathroom for toiletries. Also, vertical storage is a popular, space-saving choice. Entertainment Amenities. Because homeowners are spending more time in their master baths, the rooms have migrated to more of a relaxing area. Therefore, it makes sense to include things like flat screen TVs and stereo systems. Some people even want refrigerators installed inconspicuously. Green Features. Along with the emphasis on luxury and comfort, today's master baths can also be designed in an environmentally conscious way. Putting timers on heated floors, adding low-flow toilets and on-demand water systems are a few examples of incorporating sustainability into bath remodeling in Phoenix. Finishing Touches. Gone are the days when linoleum and glazed tiles were used throughout a master bath. Today, imported marble, glass tiles and stone are trendy choices. More light is also a 'must have' on many homeowners' lists. Adding more windows and skylights create a warm and inviting environment. With bath remodeling in Phoenix, it's possible to create a real sanctuary in your home. So many options are available, you will have to spend time figuring out what suits you and your budget best. Whatever features you choose, you'll have a wonderful escape area and a room that gets a lot more use.
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