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When it comes to renovating or fitting a new kitchen

by:KingKonree     2020-09-03

Along with these obvious reasons for refitting your kitchen, kitchen worktops can also increase the value of your home. However, it is important that the type of worktop installed is durable and hardwearing; as this will ensure that they can withstand heavy use and last for a long time. This increases the value of both the kitchen and the home.

Of course, many people like the natural appearance of granite. It does have the reputation of being the most desirable and luxurious of all surfaces, having a deep lustre and an organic unrepeating pattern, very pleasant to the eye. Unfortunately this quality and beauty just doesn't come cheap. Prices are coming down though - improvements in technology enabling easier and faster cutting of this ultra-hard substance, coupled with new extraction techniques and a rising demand meaning possibilities of economies of scale and new sources, mean that the real cost of granite to you the home-owner is improving all the time.

Granite counter tops really end up being a good selling point to a person who might be interested in buying your home. Indeed, granite counter tops will increase the intrinsic value of your home and allow you the ability to increase the asking price for your residence when you do put it on the market.

There are other surfaces - are these inferior when thinking of resale value for your home? Well obviously it depends on the buyer! In general though the answer is yes - even though worktops made of Corian or Quartz composite have some real advantages over granite being either synthetic or having a synthetic component. In many ways they are sturdier and hardier than granite, and often indeed of a comparable price. As a comparison, Corian vs Granite, the public was shown in a recent to study to think that Corian is: easier to clean, less porous, more stain resistant, more chip resistant, keeps looking newer longer and easier to repair. However they also found that the public though Corian was less luxurious, of lower overall quality, not as long lasting, and with less resistant to heat. Corian though is still a very attractive option, though, and one well worth considering.

The cheap option though just has to be a no-no. Laminates quickly show age and, whilst they are by far the cheapest option, their value depreciates quickly. An expensively sourced, beautiful worktop can truly make the kitchen the heart of your home, and adds to the value of your property, making it easier to sell for more.

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