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When it is time to install a new bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2020-08-25

The top mount, or drop in type is the most used style of sink. These are basic looking and very practical as they make way for a lot of counter space. As commonplace as they are, they are difficult to put in since they normally require that you purchase and install a counter which will accommodate the dimensions of the sink. Yes, you can just use the old counter and drop in a new sink. However, that isn't really remodeling is it?

Opposite of a drop in sink is the under mount sink. Instead of sliding them into the counter, you would place the counter on top of the sink. The sink is kept up via screws and adhesives. They give a sleeker look compared to their top mount counterparts because the surface is 100% counter and zero sink. It won't matter if your caulking becomes old and grimy since it will be out of sight.

A growing number of consumers are installing vessel sinks. With these types of sinks, the sink bowl is placed on top of your counter, part of it funneling through a small hole for the drain. Since drains are quite standard in size, vessel sinks are so easy to set up and swap out. And since the bowls are available in all sorts of varieties, you can easily find one to match any theme that you want.

Pedestal sinks are excellent when you have a smaller, or rustic themed restroom. The sink bowl sits atop a narrow, long base. They are usually made in one piece, normally marble or porcelain. Even though they clear up lots of space inside the bathroom, they don't allow for much space to set things on top.

Console sinks are another alternative for smaller restrooms. The sink bowl is mounted to a counter, which is affixed to the wall at the rear. They are held up with two or more legs. They don't have a cabinet underneath, providing plenty of clear space. That helps make the restroom appear larger, and are a good location to place a storage cart.

Wall mounting sinks, as the name suggests, attach to the wall. They are the ultimate space saver and make for a really contemporary appearance. They don't have support underneath and the only things keeping them afloat are wall fasteners and adhesives. These are most suitable for smaller sinks, and consequently smaller restrooms. However, I have seen rather large wall mounting sinks installed successfully, although it is uncommon. This fixture is fairly delicate so I don't recommend that you use them if you live with small children.

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