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When that cute little puppy arrived at your home

by:KingKonree     2020-06-23
It may not be your fault that your first attempts at combing and brushing were unsuccessful. It could be that you didn't know the fine points of handling your pet during brushing. Or more likely, you purchased inappropriate equipment, making your efforts unfruitful and tiresome. Having the right equipment is the key to success. Poor equipment is often the reason pet owners fail to give their pets once or twice weekly brushings. For success in coat maintenance, throw out your worn brush with bent or missing bristles. A gentle slicker brush is needed for basic grooming. These brushes contain hundreds of soft, short bent wires mounted in a firm rubber backing. A good quality brush won't hurt your pet. Another essential piece of equipment is the comb. A solid metal comb with combination coarse and medium teeth will do nicely. Buy your equipment from your pet care professional. You aren't likely to find the right kind of equipment in your local supermarket. Brushing your pet on a regular schedule is essential for his health. Brushing is essential to a healthy, glowing coat. It terminates mats and tangles, removes dead hair, dirt and burrs, and distributes the natural oils, producing a healthy skin tone. Where should you work on your pet? The floor is his playground and should be a last resort. A sturdy table or countertop will offer a solid surface and a comfortable working height for you. A rubber bath mat provides a non slip surface for your pet.
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