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When you are looking for a new faucet for your

by:KingKonree     2020-07-12
Design You can choose any style of faucet for your shower or tub, but it is much easier for your contractor or plumber to install a faucet that is laid out the same way as the existing faucet. If your current faucet has a single handle, the new one should not have more than one. The same care should be taken when choosing a faucet for your bathtub. It may be difficult to find a faucet to fit an antique bathtub, but an ill-fitting faucet is an eyesore that will stand out in a newly remodeled bathroom. Style When choosing a style of Moen bathroom faucets for your bathroom, you should look at the type of tub you have and what it is surrounded by. If your bathtub is surrounded by a tile enclosure, the faucet and handles can be mounted on the enclosure and you can avoid having to drill into the actual bathtub. Some new bathtubs come with holes already drilled in them, giving you few options regarding the type of faucet you select as well as the placement of the faucet. When the bathtub and shower are combined, the faucet is almost always mounted on the wall. Some of these are controlled by a single handle, while other styles have separate handles to control the flow of hot and cold water. Showerhead It is important that your showerhead be placed at the proper height for you and your family. If the current placement of the showerhead is too low, you should talk to your plumber or contractor about options for correcting it. Some homeowners choose to install a handheld showerhead so that the placement of the showerhead becomes less important. A handheld showerhead also comes in handy for cleaning the shower and bathtub. If you would like more than one showerhead to be installed in your shower, you should tell your plumber before the project starts. Showerheads are usually inexpensive, but the plumbing required to add several showerheads may come with a hefty pricetag. Temperature Control Controlling the temperature is one of the most important functions of a shower faucet. Most modern shower faucets contain a valve that balances the pressure in the system and prevents the shower from suddenly growing cold when the toilet is flushed. Most Moen bathroom faucets are designed with the latest technology to ensure that the temperature of the water coming from the shower doesn't vary more than a few degrees.
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