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When you plan to sell the house, you cannot just

by:KingKonree     2020-09-16

First, you have to declutter. That's right. The first step is to clean the house. Take away all those unnecessary stuff that are of no use anymore. Make sure that you take away all the things inside the cabinets and the drawers. You want to make the house as clean as possible because even a small messy area can be a turn off for potential buyers. Sort out the things that need to be thrown away and those that need to be kept. Throw out the necessary ones then keep the important stuff in a box and store it someplace else.

Second, fix all things that need to be fixed. You wouldn't want to show potential customers that the house is in a bad shape. Therefore, you need to repair everything and make sure that everything is in a good working condition. This may cost you several bucks but that will not be a problem. As long as the house is in a good shape, potential buyers will be willing to pay for whatever price you quote. Some areas that you need to check are the roof, the faucets, the bulbs and the walls. You can also repaint the walls if you want.

Third, you need to organize your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and potential buyers will definitely check it thoroughly. You can empty the cupboard and clean the sink. You will also want to arrange the things in the kitchen such that the space will appear larger.

Fourth, aside from the kitchen, you also need to make sure that the bathroom is very clean. The bathroom is the place for cleaning the body and it also serves as a very private part of the house therefore it should be sanitary and clean. You can create shelves for medicines, toiletries and other stuff. You can also change the shower curtain if you like and make it more presentable.

Fifth, you need to make the house as generic as possible. This means that there should not be any personal belongings there when you show it to others. This is to give an opportunity for the impending clients to visualize that house as their own. Leaving your personal belongings can also be a hassle for the eyes. This may give an idea that you are not yet ready to let go of the house.

Sixth, you need to make the house as appealing as possible. This means that people should be attracted to it visually. It should look good and organized. The lighting should also be good. It should be appealing to the sense of smell. There should not be any unnecessary odor that can turn the people off. You can use scented candles to neutralize the odor. It should appeal to the sense of taste. Of course, they are not going to taste the house itself. However, some scent of coffee or cinnamon will make them hungry for it. It should appeal to the sense of hearing. The acoustics should be good. Lastly, it should appeal to the touch. This means that they need to feel comfortable when they sit on the chairs and couches.

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