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Whenever you undertake a major renovation in your home

by:KingKonree     2020-08-21

Broken cabinet doorMaybe you pulled too quickly on a cabinet door or didn't install it properly-in any case, it's fallen off now. The easiest way to fix this problem is to replace the hinges if they're cracked, or simply use longer screws that hold better. (You may also have to patch the screw holes with wood filler if they've become too wide to hold a screw.) If the door itself is broken into pieces, you'll need to replace it entirely by contacting the dealer you bought the vanity from.Cracked tile or groutSometimes the tiling around vanity cabinets will break or crack if it wasn't installed properly. This can happen months after the initial installation due to changes in humidity and temperature that create additional pressure or uneven joint expansion. The remedy is to replace damaged tiles individually, or install new sealer wherever the grout is cracked. Depending on how old the floor is, getting the right color match between old and new may require experimentation with different colors, stains, and/or sealers. Again, it's important to follow directions closely in order to avoid future problems.In the end, you may see a repair issue as a sign that it's finally time to re-do the bathroom you've been putting up with for years. For help with ideas on bathroom remodeling, and to find just the right floor tiles, vanities, sinks, and mirrors for your makeover, please visit:

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